Hello, and Goodbye

This is one of those generalized blogs where I post some links to further reading and make some commentary. It feels like there have been some pretty major changes around my corner of the blogosphere lately, and I wanted to draw some of those to your attention, in case you missed anything. Chances are most of this will be old news to you, but I still feel the need to collate this into a short and sweet post.

The Gaming and Entertainment Network, which Couch Podtatoes was a founding member of, has seen some changes recently. First, Roger from Contains Moderate Peril decided that he was going to quit podcasting and slow down on blogging a couple of months ago. After some time away, Roger picked up a couple of new hosts, swapped to a monthly schedule for the podcast and got back into blogging more regularly. Turns out he only needed a break, and has been rejuvenated. However, the rest of us involved in TGEN wanted to keep an eye out for new podcasts to add to the network. During this time (and after many rounds of group emails) we decided to add a new show to the rotation, and Multiplaying became our newest member. CMP came back into the lineup, and we were nice and full and well-rounded once again. Then in another turn of events, we added another show called How is this Movie? to the lineup. So when you get a chance give those shows a listen. Support TGEN!

I’m sad to report that Joseph of The MMO-Troll and Roleplay Domain has decided to hang up his podcasting microphone. Both of the aforementioned sites will continue on, but he has reported having had some recent health issues and doesn’t want to push himself as hard with all of the blogging and casting. I don’t blame him, but it sucks to see a founding member of TGEN go quietly into the night. He did say that he will be blogging still, but not on any sort of schedule, so I suppose he’s not gone completely, but I will miss his rants on the shows.

Another change that recently occurred is my friend and co-host Eri over at Healing the Masses has purchased her own domain name and has made the switch to self-hosting. I updated the link on my sidebar, but if you follow her you should do the same! The new site looks nice and she’s come up with some new artwork and ideas that seem to be working well. She couldn’t finish Blaugust, but she sure seems to be posting almost every day now (take that jab!).

In a related story, Murf of Murf Versus has announced the closure of his blog, which is due to occur at the end of this month, although during that same announcement he had some exciting news. He’s not giving up on blogging, no sir. He’s moving his blogging prowess over to Healing the Masses, so there’s going to be lots of great content coming out of that site very soon that you aren’t going to want to miss.

That’s all I have for now. Update your links, say your goodbyes and check out the new stuff. Happy Gaming.

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Edit: 4/3/15: It was brought to my attention the deal with Murf moving was an April Fool’s joke, and the joke was on me. However, the rest of this stuff was relevant and true.