Shadow Warrior: The Party Bus


Chapter 2 opens with Wang driving to another destination, which is a similar small town though more urban than the last compound. It appears some shit has already gone down.


We’re still looking for the Golem who disappeared with the legendary Nobitsura Kage. Hell has broken loose though, and demons are rampant.


Slicing and dicing them up, Wang heads inside a local arcade, which brought many memories of my youth rushing to mind. I loved the arcade. The flashing lights, the delighted voices, the screams of rage, and of course the games all added up to a great experience kids today will never experience. But I digress.


Inside the arcade’s office, I found padlock keys that would come in handy shortly. Another homage to Hotline Miami was muralized on the interior lounge area of the building. I love the little easter eggs this game has hidden around.

2015-04-14_00008 2015-04-14_00010

Just outside the arcade we had to tip toe across this makeshift bridge, and once across entered a courtyard where portals began to open, and a new enemy type emerged. These bird-like demons could float, shoot bolts of energy at you, along with sometimes becoming enraged/empowered and more potent. After clearing them out, I found a shrine that needed destroyed so I could gain entry to the next area.

2015-04-14_00011 2015-04-14_00015 2015-04-14_00017

Another new weapon appeared randomly as I fought the demons, the demon heart. They sometimes drop off of enemies, and once picked up, giving it a nice squeeze will kill all of that type of demon that in a small radius around you. It’s rather effective, but you do have to remember to use it.


By now I had found another Ki Crystal, and used another point in the healing tree, allowing me to heal myself up to 80% each use. It has come in handy let me tell you.


In the next area, we see an abandoned Squad car, and Wang wonders if there might be weapons inside. He’s pleased to find a sub-machine gun just hanging out on the driver’s seat. Suddenly, demons appear at the end of the alley, and Wang has the bright idea to put the car in neutral and let it explode. Which it does.

2015-04-14_00020 2015-04-14_00021 2015-04-14_00022

Another easter egg of sorts, after the police car explodes, I spotted a couple of rabbits… well humping like rabbits. Not the end of the joke though, when I shot them, one suddenly turned into a demon rabbit, and that little fucker was tough to take down! Nothing really came of this easter egg either. I think this should have had an achievement attached at least. I still laughed my ass off.

2015-04-14_00023 2015-04-14_00024

In the next building, I found the fortune cookie for the chapter. It wasn’t very inspiring.


I made a few more demon kills and started looking at my other skill trees at this point, and ended up spending some of my collected cash on my machine gun, upgrading the barrel along with adding a laser sight.


I love the little one-liners he throws out. I know it’s immature dick jokes, but that shit still cracks me up. I don’t want to grow up and you can’t make me.


Coming to the end of the chapter, I was presented with one last arena, and then a huge boss demon that wasn’t all that difficult, but still a bit tougher than your average demon. Once he was dispatched, I exited the area and finished the chapter.

2015-04-14_00032 2015-04-14_00034

Here’s the final stat line. I can see there’s quite a bit of stuff I miss, even though I feel like I’m being thorough. Anyway, next chapter will be out tomorrow.


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