Shadow Warrior: A Spiritual Laxative


Having just defeated a boss demon, Wang has continued on through this urban sprawl, and the objective is still the same. Find the Golem. Find the Sword.


A few demons appear and are easily dealt with. Few buildings are able to be entered, but those that are usually contain some ammo and cash, and I did find the chapter’s fortune cookie rather quickly. It was most wise.


More combat with demon’s ensues, particularly after shattering another shrine that barred your way.

2015-04-14_00040 2015-04-14_00041

Through the gate is more bamboo forest, and Hoji starts complaining that you are going the wrong direction. You mention needing to stop by your house. The demon is not pleased.


Wang comes upon a break in the bamboo, and across a reservoir you can see some speeding cars that run into a blockade and a huge explosion is the result. You have no choice but to drop down into the water and look for another way around. Before dropping down, I found another fortune cookie, and this one mocked me.

2015-04-14_00044 2015-04-14_00045

Once underground, Wang mentions a secret entrance to his property being nearby. Finding it was easy enough, and of course there’s more dick jokes abound. Coming back above ground reveals that Wang’s house has been attacked, and there are demon’s aplenty.

2015-04-14_00046 2015-04-14_00047 2015-04-14_00048

The other secret entrance is behind the house, and the Wang Cave is surely a sight. Wang doesn’t appear to be hurting for money.

2015-04-14_00049 2015-04-14_00050 2015-04-14_00051

Near that hot tub, a mirror had the option to interact, and once I did so, Wang goes into a conversation with Hoji about how all bad ass heroes shave their heads, while shaving his head.

2015-04-14_00052 2015-04-14_00054

Nearby, you’ll find weapon display cases, and will pick up a shiny new cross bow, which looks to be quite effective when you upgrade the bolts to sticky bombs (which I have yet to do.


Hoji starts to explain his need for the sword, and you just talk about how you need to get it for your boss man. Doesn’t seem like much of a partnership, but I’m sure there’s more development to come.


Wang speaks of the armory and as you head that direction, another new enemy spawns. These ones fly, and yes they were visible earlier in the chapter, but they were always off in the distance. This time they are dropping in through the top of the cave, and the other demons we met prior appear on some islands in the distance. Thankfully there’s a big ass gattling gun to handle them.


Once inside the armory, you get into another discussion with Hoji, who is making fun of you for having a super hero complex as you get your combat armor on.


The chapter ends at this point, and that’s also the extent of my play time to this point. When I get more in, more write ups will be on the way.


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