There Just Wasn’t Enough Time #NBI2015


I’ve known this day was coming for months. I thought back to last year’s NBI, the first one I was involved with, and recalled many fond memories. I looked forward to this year’s NBI with much excitement. The gameplan was discussed. Leaders came forward. Things needed to get done.

Then I just up and went out of town for a week, and next thing I knew the day was here and there was so much to do!

So here we are. It’s May 1st, and the #NBI2015 has officially kicked off. I’m not the first person to post about it, no I’m probably one of the last. However, I did manage to collate a list of those who have already posted about the event, and there’s plenty of pertinent information to be read. If you are a person who has wanted to get started with blogging but don’t know how, we have the information and guidance for you. If you’re an established blogger and want to help provide tips and advice to newbies, we have the tools to do so. If you’re a blogger who hasn’t picked up the “pen” in quite some time, we’re here to welcome you back, and get you back on track. No matter who you are, if you are/want to be involved with blogging, the NBI is for you.

The most important steps to follow to get involved are as follows:

  • Follow @newbieblogger2 on Twitter. If you don’t have Twitter, get it. Everyone uses it, and it will keep you the best informed.
  • Bookmark and/or add to your reader. It will have major announcements posted on the front page.
  • Sign up for a forum account, and add your blog to the list of sponsors or newbies depending on your status. Don’t know which would be more appropriate for you? Feel free to ask.

Here’s a list of bloggers who have already commented on the topic of the NBI:

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Tales From the Aggronaut: Newbie Blogger Initiative 2015

Keep an eye on this blog and the main page of the NBI for more information. I have a couple of writing challenges in mind along with an announcement coming for a gaming event I’ll be running.

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