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Hey everyone.

If you’ve checked the forums recently, you may have noticed a post about gaming events. Last year, Eri and myself ran a couple of events and they were a ton of fun to be a part of. This year I decided that I would present some options to you all, rather than just picking a game you may or may not want to play.

It seems that Saturdays are the best day to play games for most people, and since we are an international community, the consensus last year was that Mid day for US people allowed for the most people to be on at a time (that’s evening for EU, and morning for AUS). That leaves us 4 more weekends ahead during the month of May, so I’m going to run this poll for the remainder of the week and see what we come up with. Please help spread the word so we can get votes!

With ESO and GW2 being buy to play, I figure many of you will own a copy. Diablo III is great to play with friends, and it’s older so I figure odds are good with it as well. League is F2P and even though I ran that event last year, I’d do it again. Just saying. Shooter is up for interpretation; I own a few and there are many on Steam that are free. Otherwise just add a suggestion in the comments, and people can add a +1 there.

Look forward to gaming with you guys!

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4 thoughts on “Choose Your Poison #NBI2015

  1. Argh, why does the poll not allow multiple choices? 😉

    I’m game for LOL, GW2 and shooters of any stripe that are either free or that I own. (Left 4 Dead *cough* not free but old)

    Still waiting patiently for ESO and Diablo 3 prices to drop, it’s the principle of it!

    Dungeon Defenders, FORCED and Magicka have been on my list of need-to-track-down-players-to-play-with for years, but the issue with those is needing to split into groups of 3-4 and not being free (if cheap.)

    Thinking bigger to games that can accomodate more people, there’s Don’t Starve Together, which was pretty fun when a group of us got together a while back, or Minecraft.


  2. Hmmm… didn’t think to enable that option.

    Bigger games are good, but are usually paid for. I just mentioned ones that I knew that at least a few people had, and see I covered you with a couple!

    Honestly, I’m down for whatever I own or is free, and it doesn’t necessarily have to only be on a Saturday, we’ve all gotten together on other days as well in smaller groups.


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