State of the Tweet: NBI Edition


It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, and in between being busy in real life and busy with the NBI, podcasting, and squeezing some gaming time in here and there, I haven’t had as much time to blog as I would like. I have made a few tweets here and there that are good talking points though, so I’ll run through those. Also, PSA on State of the Game: Yes, I know I haven’t written one in a few weeks. I have ended up being rather busy on weekends when I had been writing them, and I keep putting it off. I will be getting back on schedule with the weekly round-up soon enough, but much of what I would cover will be in this post. I may go back to doing that column during the week. We’ll see. On with the show.

I’ve taken to participating in this #screenshotsaturday thing. At least for a couple of weeks now. This past weekend I threw out some shots from recent gameplay in Shadow Warrior. Yeah, I’m still playing that game (as should be obvious from my last post), but I’m actually quite a bit further than my play through write up would lead you to believe. More on that soon.

I threw this on Twitter right after posting the first talkback challenge of the month. I should note that I just posted the second over on the NBI site a day early. You should go check that out if you’re a participant.

I’ve been running a poll for a few days now, gauging interest in several games we could play as a group. I have decided that the event itself will be on May 16th, so I’ll leave the poll open for a few more days. Diablo III is in the lead right now.

I couldn’t believe it. I’ve been playing Titanfall for a while, and apparently after reaching a certain rank, you gain access to ranked play. A “ranked chip” tracks your progress as you play. I made it to the Silver tier without even trying. As of right now, I’m actually almost Silver V, which is one step away from gold. As I said in the Tweet, I really wish it would have been that easy in League of Legends. I must be better at FPS games.

I added everyone I know of to the NBI class of 2015 link group on my sidebar. As the tweet says, ping me (or leave a comment in this case) if I’ve missed you. I’ll be leaving up that link list until the end of may, at which point I’ll migrate everyone over to the standard blogroll.

I threw this announcement out today, but some of you may have missed it. On the next episode of Couch Podtatoes we’re going to have on two Newbie bloggers as guests, and as of right now, one person has signed up. If you’d like to get your blog some more exposure, would like to know what goes into podcasting, and/or just want to talk with us, let me know ASAP. We’re looking to record by mid next week.

Just a few hours ago, there was more pro League of Legends action to watch. This time it’s the Mid-Season Invitational, and though I don’t really know how this fits into the LCS, I do know that there were top teams from all regions competing and the game I managed to catch was TSM vs SKT. SKT won worlds a couple of years ago, so you know they’re a great team. TSM just finished in first place in North America during the Spring Split. It sounded like a great game. On paper. It ended up being a rather one-sided, boring match. SKT demolished them, proving once again that NA can’t hang with other countries. I don’t get it.

That’s all I have this time around. Check back tomorrow for the newest episode of Couch Podtatoes.

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