Going for Gold #NBI2015Safari

For my second entry into the #NBI2015Safari aka Murf’s Screenshot Safari, I am going with the “Epic Achievement” category.


I’ve been playing Titanfall for, oh I don’t know, a little over a month now? At some point (I think it was upon reaching level 30) I was prompted to optionally turn on my “ranked chip” which is a fancy way of saying my kills/deaths/points will attribute to something else aside from merely leveling my account. It doesn’t seem as big of a deal as ranked play can be in other games; there doesn’t seem to be a leaderboard so it’s hard to tell where you stack up against other players. It should also be noted that each ranked “season” is only a month long, so it’s not as if this ranking will go down in the annals of time for all to see. No, at the end of the month things will reset and this achievement will cease to be, outside of that link above that says “season history.” Still, it is a recent accomplishment that I’m proud of, and I’m not stopping, no. I might be able to get even higher before the month is out, and I’ll let you know if I do.

If you play Titanfall on the PC, my Origin account is Built4Sin82. Hit me up if you want to get a game in!

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8 thoughts on “Going for Gold #NBI2015Safari

  1. I still haven’t played this game and I doubt I ever will. I do understand the nature of such accomplishments though. For the past few months, I have been hopelessly addicted to Binding of Isaac Rebirth trying to get a platinum. I doubt I will make it, but I am further than most. Feels good!


    • Some platinums are hard as hell to get. My most note worthy Plat is from Skyrim. A close second would be for Dragon Age Origins, but the last trophy I needed bugged so I didn’t get the platinum :/

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