Shadow Warrior: You Should See the Other Guy


Dropping out of Hoji’s portal was a fun experience to say the least.

2015-04-23_00024 2015-04-23_00025

He didn’t seem to mind dropping Wang on his ass, but we were here on a mission, so a broken ass could wait.


Almost immediately, Wang is accosted by demons. This one liner is classic:


And this easter egg of sorts made me laugh as well. Angry Ninjas is an Angry Birds mod I’d like to see.


Burning through the facilities was an exercise in killing stuff, and hitting a series of switches that lowered the toxic goo out of my way. There were the typical shrines to bust to get through locked areas, and a new enemy was presented, which are these toxic green demons that shoot acidic explosive balls at you, and also try to suicide bomb you as well. Another new weapon was added to the arsenal in the shotgun, and after a while, upgrading it to hold 4 shells was a nice improvement.

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The fortune cookies for the level:

2015-04-23_00034 2015-04-23_00046 2015-04-23_00040

Final scoreboard:


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