Shadow Warrior: Not Quite a Genie


As Chapter 8 opens, Wang is still making his way through the Zilla Corporation’s compound. This bit is less of a sewage management plant, and more of a rail yard and dock.


Shortly after the level starts I ended up either gaining enough Karma for a new skill, or perhaps I just hadn’t spent the points yet, but I decided to go into the mind tree at some point, for the extra base health.


The first fortune cookie of the level was particularly brilliant.


Another new enemy type showed up on this level. These bastards are tough! Not only do they charge straight up to you, but the do considerable damage with their dual-wielded katanas. Then right when you turn to face them, they go into stealth and run about, only to ambush you again. They take some hits too. Mostly an annoyance though.


The majority of the level shows that this facility is in some serious disrepair. There’s more of the same types of altars to be shattered to gain access to other parts of the level, secrets galore, and of course enough karma and ki stones for some more upgrades.

When the facility gives way to a shipyard area, a short cinematic is displayed, where you find Zilla’s favorite assassins, who have some choice words for wang. Turns out they are looking for the sword too, and want you to help them blow some shit up.

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In the same room, there’s a couple more fortune cookies to be found:

2015-04-24_00017 2015-04-24_00018

And of course, the final results of the level:


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