Selfie of the Dead #NBI2015Safari

I didn’t do a third entry into the #NBI2015Safari last week, and really hadn’t planned on doing another one but as Murf is now collating lists of the entries for the month, I started thinking I should do another. Murf expressed some surprise when I used a shot from H1Z1 for the Landscapes category, and to this point it seems I’m the only one who has made an H1Z1 submission. As such, I found another suitable screenshot from the game that can land in a different category: the Selfie.


Unlike WoW, there isn’t a selfie feature in the game, and technically this isn’t my avatar. But with my clever play on words in the title of this post, this is now a selfie of Mr. Zombie there. Isn’t he cute?

Oh, you got some red on you!

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