Shadow Warrior: That’s A Wrap

If you’ve been following my blog for the past month or so (probably a little more), you’ll know that I’ve been writing a playthrough for Shadow Warrior, which I picked up in a Humble Bundle a while back. I had intended on writing a separate post for each and every chapter, and for a time I was keeping up a similar pace on playing the game and writing about it. Eventually I just wanted to finish the game, but had other blog posts to write at the same time, so I just beat the game and saved all the screens for future posts. I ended up at Chapter 8 of 17 when it comes to the write up, but finished the game a couple of weeks ago.

Recently I had contemplated combining multiple chapters into single posts, just to finish the series, so that I could move onto the next game in my backlog. Unfortunately, I ended up having the computer issues I described a couple of posts back, so the saved screen shots I had piled up for the rest of the write up were lost. With that said, there really isn’t much more to say.

I loved the game. It combined old school FPS sensibilities with new school graphics and wrapped it in a sarcastic wit that spoke to me. The gameplay was fast and fun, the graphics were beautiful, and the story line was surprisingly complex despite being riddled with dick jokes. I’d recommend the game to anyone who has a dirty sense of humor and enjoys blowing shit up, in first-person. You can pick it up at various digital distribution sites for PC, and it is also available for PS4 (not sure about the Xbox, but I assume so).

A shot from the last level, where I had just beaten the final boss.

I will post this with the rest of the playthrough on the Ongoing Series page, and you can see the rest of what I had started over there. I’m not sure what the next playthrough will be, but my new computer has opened up some options as far as streaming/recording go, so I just may up my game and do some Let’s Plays or similar. We’ll see.

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