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Murf’s Screenshot Safari has ended, and there were a few things I took note of from the post. First of all, wow, what a great turnout for a great event. The Safari was the heart and soul of this year’s NBI and it shows. Kudos Murf, for a great idea done right. Murf also encouraged us to make more screenshot posts, and to recap our own entries from the event. This is a combination of all that.

My entries into the Safari:

  1. Landscapes (H1Z1 + Bonus)
  2. Going For Gold (Titanfall)
  3. Selfie of the Dead (H1Z1)

If you haven’t noticed a theme yet, it’s H1Z1. Yeah, I think the game is rather pretty, and was almost the only submission from the game, so I rolled with it. Plus, it’s the only MMO like game I’m really playing outside of toying with others.


Here’s another H1Z1 shot I took the other day while I was recording. I was playing the Battle Royale mode, and it’s a blast! I think they’ve made some improvements to the lighting systems, because the way the sun actually darkens your perception of objects around you feels very realistic. You’ll see what I mean more when I get around to posting a video I’m working on. That’s also why it’s been quiet around here as of late. I’ve been testing out streaming programs and websites, along with doing some recording and video editing. I have stuff in the works, I promise!

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8 thoughts on “Battle Royale

    • Yeah they have a unique graphic style that tends to be between ugly and ok, but some of the lighting effects and textures have wowed me in H1Z1. I’ve not played Landmark but it looks pretty in some of the screens I’ve seen as well. I just hope EQN ends up pretty (that is if it ever sees the light of day).

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  1. I don’t think I’ll be playing H1Z1, but I enjoy watching some of the streams I saw of it. Also just floored at the popularity it received, with it coming out after so many other survival games.


    • It still feels larger scale, and there are slowly but surely adding in more MMO elements. I’ve enjoyed it, but still only sitting around 20 hours played, so I’m more just testing it here and there.


  2. I’m loving H1Z1. I’m especially attracted by the PVE elements where I can build a base at my leisure and only have to deal with zombies and wildlife.
    With the Battle Royales, I have the option to dip into PVP when the mood takes me and rewards from that I can use in my PVE game.
    According to the road map from Daybreak, they are planning to make the map into a massive scale, making it a large world rather than a couple of towns strung together by the wilderness. I’m very excited to see where the game will go.


    • Yeah, adding in the professions adds some depth too, as you might have a leg up in certain instances. It’s starting to feel more like an MMO, that’s for sure.


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