Fantasy Thursdays Week 4


I really thought I was going to win last week, but still ended up losing. There was a rumor that Doublelift wouldn’t play, and then went on to make a shitload of points including a pentakill. Go figure. Had he dropped out of playing, I would have most definitely won the weekend, but it’s all good. I actually was on a trip out of town over the weekend so I didn’t actually watch any of the games, so I can’t say why exactly I lost otherwise, aside from the fact that two of the teams in my league have most of the good players, and though I wouldn’t say the players I have are bad, they just aren’t the best when it comes to fantasy points. Anyway, here’s the results for the last week:


I had a great showing from multiple players, but you can see where I fell a few points short here and there. You can also see how stacked the other team ended up being. It was still my highest point total for any week, and I was playing against the only team that hasn’t lost this split. I didn’t make many changes this week either:


I picked up Lustboy from TSM who was suddenly free, and swapping him into my current rotation gave me a small edge over this week’s opponent as far as projected points go. Will it end up working out that way? Time will tell. I think due to the schedules and the way it has worked out so far, I might actually get a win this week, but again, there’s no real way to predict these things. As long as Powerofevil doesn’t tank on me again, I should be fine. Here’s the matchup I’m going into:


I lost by a landslide last time I played against Teamsoapymid, but I did have a mid that produced 10 points in two games, and that really hurt. I think I might have a better chance this time around. I have a good feeling. Either way next week I’ll end up facing Nertle’s Turtles again, and that should at least be a win. Hopefully. Here’s the other matchups for the week:


Nertle is sticking with his whole team, and though it hasn’t done him justice, I was talking with him earlier and it seems like he feels confident in the matchup. He appears to be content to just leave it be for the rest of the split, whereas I can’t seem to stay away from making adjustments. I think I’ve made changes for the better, but you never know what’s going to happen in the LCS. I’m looking forward to fantasy leagues during Worlds (which I believe happens, but not sure). It will make a big difference having that many more skilled players to choose from. At this point, a couple people get the best players and the others get screwed. It’s not like fantasy football where you have hundreds of players to choose from. This format is a bit limited when it comes to that, particularly in these smaller leagues. If we have 6 teams the best players would be more evenly distributed. Doing an auto draft also didn’t help. But this was the first time around. We’ve learned from it and hopefully the next time it will be bigger and better. That’s all for this week. See you on the rift!

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