Fantasy Thursdays Week 5


I was beginning to lose hope for my fantasy season, but I suppose that it was really too early to tell how things might turn out. Either way, I was back matched up against Teamsoapymid once again, and their team looked pretty superior to mine. However, super stand out performances by my Team Impulse players and some bad luck for their CLG picks gave me the edge. I did still feel like Powerofevil and Unicorns of Love let me down overall, so I made some adjustments this week as well. Here’s the results for last weekend:


It’s took bad I didn’t hold onto Impact and Xiaoweixiao from Impulse, because they too also posts 60+ point games. But that’s ok, I don’t see them doing that every week, because they’re a middle of the road team right now in the NALCS. Like I said, PoE and UoL have been failing me each week outside of the first, so I dropped them like bad habits.


I picked up Fenix and Team Liquid to compensate for those drops, but despite wanting to remove PoE, there weren’t any other mids worth trading for so he ended up on my bench. I also benched Hauntzer despite his good recent performance, only because he has harder matchups this week than Liquid does. Here’s hoping they give me the big points. I also dropped BunnyFuFuu in favor of the Fnatic support, as Rekkles has given me steady points all season, and if Lustboy tapers off I’ll give Yellowstar a whirl. I’ve been happy with the play of Rush and Apollo all season, so they aren’t going anywhere either. As of now, my projected points totals are better than my opponent (I’m facing Nertle again, who is still rocking the entire Origen squad), so I’m hopeful to be 3-2 after this weekend. Here’s the matchup:


Nertle has come up with one win, and he’s had this same team for all weeks except the first where I demolished him. I think the “all eggs in one basket” strategy is a poor one, but he seems to have lost interest in tampering, unlike the rest of us in the league. Here’s the other matchups going into week 6:


They look pretty even as well, but that really will depend on the performace of TSM and CLG, where a lot of their power is coming from. We’ll see ya next week to see what happens!

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