Couch Podtatoes Episode 52: Talking Points Four


This week I go it alone, as time conflicts and mixups happen, even when you’ve been doing this podcast thing for this long! As the 4th of July rapidly approaches I decided to push this episode out solo so that I could enjoy the holiday with friends. It’s another talking points episode, so I’ve got some articles from the gaming sphere that I found interesting enough to talk about and share with you. If the audio sounds a little funky it’s because I ended up having a fan on in the background and editing that shit out makes everything sound tinny. My bad. But I wasn’t about to re-record the whole thing again! I encourage you to check out the links below so you can get some extra information on the things I ramble on about!


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Couch Podtatoes Epsiode 52: Talking Points Four (runtime: 40:43)

What are we playing? (starts at 1:33)
Discussion: Talking Points (starts at 5:59)

Host Contact information:

Blog: Me vs. Myself and I
Twitter: @mevsmyselfandi

Blog: Healing the Masses
Twitter: @ausj3w3l

Articles Referenced:

World of Warships/Humble Bundle debacle:
Makes good:

Batman: Arkham Knight pulled from steam:
and related: Stop Preordering!

Fan pays for Fallout 4 in bottlecaps:

Fans make spiritual successor to P.T.

App Store pulling games with Confederate Flag:
and related: Gettysburg Dev refuses to edit game:

Steam Summer Sale Data:

Diablo III Patch adding new zone, new artifact:

Devilian Announcement from Trion

Steam Group dedicated to reviving dead multiplayer games

Block “action figures”

Austraila bans over 200 games in 4 months

Music Credits:
“Level Up” by Cookie Monsta (from the Riot! EP)
“Elektra” by Refused (from the album Freedom)
“Enchanted Rose” by Bury Your Dead (from the album Beauty and the Breakdown)

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