Fantasy Thursdays Week 6


standingsWeek 6 went in my favor again, so I’ve been on a bit of a streak. As it stands now, I’m in a three way tie for first place in my league, and two scenarios can occur from here on out. If I win this week, I would either take sole possession of first place, or be in a two way tie with Teamsoapymid, dependent on the result of their game this week. With a win and a loss from Teamsoapymid, I will take first place overall. I think I have a good chance of this happening, but I’d still be ok with a tie, as long as they were to lose next week and I was to also win. That’s really the only way that I’ll be able to take first place for the season. I have to beat Judentus this week (which I’m confident will happen) and then TSM has to lose either this week or the next. Basically it’s out of my hands what happens with the other game, so I’m hoping that Nertle’s all-Origen team manages to get a win this week. So, last week I had another commanding victory and I think the adjustments I made to the team for this week will give me another. Here’s the results for week 6:


It seems that my fixation with changing my team around each week has paid positive dividends, despite the fact that I may have held on to some of my players for too long (which inadvertently cost me those two games I lost). Team Liquid and Team Impulse both had monster games that ended up giving me the edge I needed to come out on top. Despite being a mid-ranked team, Impulse has done really well for me and my thought that having the “best” players from the region was going to be the best bet for winning fantasy games tends to be a little off base. You just need the individual performances to be average to good, and a couple of stellar point totals and you’ll pull out the victory. I still question the wisdom of Nertle sticking with a whole team, as he has less games to determine his point totals. Granted, Origen has been performing well in the EULCS, but that doesn’t show as well when looking at their point totals.


I did some more tweaking to the roster for this weekend for a few reasons. Lustboy has been giving me solid point contributions, but Gravity as a whole have been crushing the NALCS and as such I decided to put Bunnyfufuu back on the roster. I also swapped Hauntzer and the team into the lineup because they have more favorable matchups this week than Team Liquid does. The same goes for Team Impulse, who have more favorable matchups so I’m finally utilizing Xiaoweixiao who’s been on my bench or a free agent for the whole season. Otherwise my standbys of Rush, Rekkles and Apollo are still firmly planted on the roster. The upcoming matchup against Judentus looks favorable when it comes to the point projections:


It’s not a huge point discrepancy, but I think CLG are on their typical downward slide for the season, and that’s where many of his points would be coming from. Plus, the favorable matchups my teams have for the weekend should make all of the difference when it comes to point totals. Here’s the other matchups for week 7:


They look fairly even as well, but I’m hoping that Nertle can pull out the W so that I can take over first place and hopefully hold it for the rest of the split. Another bit of information that’s on the Fantasy website that I haven’t touched on before are the top performer lists, which you can take a look at now:

  week6topspots summertopspots

As you can see last week, I had one player on the list, Fenix, who did wonders for my point totals. I didn’t get a shot of it the week prior, but four members of Team Impulse (all but the support) were on the list, all scoring around 60 point. I happened to have Rush and Apollo starting for me that week, but also have owned Impact and Xiaoweixiao at points during the split, and thought they deserved the recognition. On the right, you’ll see the top players of the whole split, and though the top two spots aren’t surprising, it was nice to see that Rekkles has been a solid contributor all summer long.

So we’ll see how it all works out in a couple of days. I think I’ll be shooting to the top very soon.

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