Fantasy Thursdays Week 7


week7standingsI managed to come away with a very commanding victory this past week, and that’s mainly due to the fact that the players I have built my squad around have given me some stellar performances as of late. One player in particular had his best week of the whole split, netting around 70 points alone, while I managed to get the win by a margin of nearly 100 points. The 376 points earned overall is my best point total to date, so I must be getting pretty good at picking players and matchups. As you can see, I now hold onto sole possession of first place, with a 4-2 record, and the tie breaker of a few points to stay ahead of Teamsoapymid. I’m playing Nertle this week, and I think that’s a win already, and as of right now (EULCS starts on Thursdays) TSM is beating out Judentus, so provided my point total stays higher I will maintain first place. Anyway, here are the results for week 7:


As you can see, it actually paid off to put most of my eggs in the the Team Impulse basket last week, as Rush, Xiaoweixiao and Apollo all put up fantastic point totals. Hauntzer and Rekkles stayed pretty average, but consistency is great for fantasy. Gravity as a team put up big numbers and so did BunnyFuFuu, though Aphromoo beat him out by a small amount. Either way I was very satisfied by the performances. I did make one small change to the lineup for week 8 though. Let’s take a look.


I swapped out Xiaoweixiao for Fenix, but otherwise didn’t touch the roster. Fenix is projecting more points, and though CLG might be a tough match for TL, I have my doubts about Xiaoweixiao going up against Bjergsen. Otherwise I was comfortable with the other players and matchups, so it’s basically more of the same. I don’t see where I’m going to need to do more trades throughout the rest of the split, honestly.


Nertle is sticking with his all Origen team, and I’m confident that this will end up being a win. For most of the split I thought that Judentus was going to be my biggest roadblock to getting into first place, but with recent losses it’s starting to look like Teamsoapymid will be my greatest challenge going forward. I should be playing her in week 9, and that might end up being for all the cookies. Just like last week, I want to take a look at the top performers as well to see how those have changed:

week7top summertopplayers

As I mentioned a couple times already, Apollo put up great numbers for me this past week. However, it’s worth noting that I owned Powerofevil for the first couple of weeks and he did abysmally, and now he’s right up there with Apollo at the top. Goes to show you really never know how any one individual is going to perform during any given week. I still wouldn’t have had him on my team at this point but some fantasy owners would be happy with that. Rush also made the top list for the second time this season, and Impulse have pushed their way up the rankings. Gravity, Liquid and Impulse seem to be the top teams right now, despite CLG and TSM being right there with them. Moving on to the top players of the split, Rekkles has now taken the top spot for most points earned. As I said earlier, consistency is great for fantasy.

That’s all for this week. We’ll see ya again next Thursday.

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