Onto Chains of Eternity

As I mentioned in my last Everquest 2 related post, I found out that I needed to be level 92 before I’d be able to enter into the next expansion, Chains of Eternity.

I had taken up doing various tasks to try and grind out the XP needed to hit level 92. After finishing off The Withered Lands and the first mission in Skyshrine during my last post, I still had two more missions to do and had started working on the HQ: The Book of Thex.

That HQ saw me wandering back and forth between The Moors of Ykesha and various dungeons added during that expansion (the HQ was a bit old, sitting in my journal for a while). I ended up having to clear out a one of the Befallen zones completely, hitting a couple of targets in the other two Befallen zones, clearing Evernight Abbey in the Loping Plains, and then killing another named in the Obelisk of Ahkzul. Finally, after gaining entry to a tomb in the Commonlands, I killed another named and from there it was just FedEx steps til completion.

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Ironically after all that the NPC I had been working with (or more correctly, had been sending me to do all of his dirty work) ended up dead by the end of the quest line. He did leave the Book of Thex and the Mallet of Thex on his person though, so the HQ was complete and I had a couple of new house items for the trouble. From there, I still had two more missions to complete in Skyshrine, so I managed to squeeze those in as well.

EQ2_000012 EQ2_000015

The 2nd mission took place in an area different from the first mission, as Skyshrine consists of three districts. The first mission I completed in my last post was in the Covenant District, this second mission was taking place in the Lyceum of the Recondite. It still was the same sort of tank and spank instance, where I was required to kill a few named for the final to spawn, followed by killing him and collecting my reward.

The third mission in Skyshrine takes place in Dracur Prime, and is called an “advanced solo” which leads you to believe the difficulty would be increased. Overall, clearing the mobs and the named was pretty easy, though the final named Dragon did end up killing me once. It was the first time I had died since coming back to the game, so that’s something? Either way, it was the same sort of mission, and it was completed readily enough.

At this point I was only 50% into level 91, so I ended up coaxing my Dad into running me through the contested portion of Skyshrine. I had attempted to go in here with just my mercenary previously, and though I did alright, I knew I wouldn’t be able to kill any of the named by myself. He agreed, and we ended up clearing most of the named in the zone along with plenty of trash mobs. I chugged an XP potion and within a bit over an hour, I was level 92.


From there I assumed I was clear to enter the Eidolon Jungle finally, but it turns out that I had mail. When I was back at the guild hall I checked said mail, and it was the beginnings of a quest line to gain access to the next expansion. The letter directed me to Freeport, where I was to meet with someone. It turns out the whole of the quest was mostly FedEx quests, so it was easy enough to complete. During the chain, I ran into Firiona Vie which was the first time I’ve seen this iconic character in a game, despite having graced most of the covers of the Everquest boxes over the years. The quest culminated with a run into a small druid circle instance in Antonica, killing a spirit, and then heading to the Feerrott, where a “tear in reality” allowed me to teleport to the Eidolon Jungle.

So there you have it. I’m finally inside of the next expansion, finally into new territory for the first time in a long time. Granted, this expansion is almost three years old, so it’s not exactly new content, but it’s new to me and that’s what matters. It seems most people who are playing EQ2 are having fun with the new Time lock expansion servers, but I’m having a good time working through the end game stuff. That’s all I can ask for.

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