A Nest of Vipers

As the latest episode of TellTale’s Game of Thrones series opens, we pick up where we left off. Ramsay Snow is currently occupying the Great Hall at Ironrath, entertaining Tahlia as Rodrik Forrester enters the scene. Among some banter, it is discovered that the allied house Glenmore has had their men sent home, and Ramsay forces Rodrik out into the nearby forest, revealing one of the Glenmores, Arthur, having been tortured. There’s more banter but the end result is that Ramsay is going to allow house Forrester and house Whitehill to battle to the death, last house standing wins. There’s a scuffle during this scene between Rodrik and Ramsay, and that brings us to our first choice of the episode. Wielding a knife given to him by Snow, I was with the minority of players choosing to have Rodrik attempt to stab Ramsay.

Later, in Meereen, Asher has met with Daenerys expecting use of her Second Sons to help house Forrester. Because I allowed Beskha to kill her former master in the previous episode, then attempted to shrug it off in conversation, Daenerys denies use or her men, and also asks for Malcolm’s help in taking the Iron Throne. Malcolm, being your uncle and bound to serve the house is torn, but it is clear that having a Targaryen alliance in the future is a deal too good to pass up. Daenerys does allow Asher to enter into Meereen to pick up slaves or other potential sellswords for a makeshift army. Their first thought is to visit the fighting pits, where the most ruthless killers in the whole city would reside. Finding them was easy, convincing them to fight for house Forrester was no small task. Asher is forced to prove himself in combat, and ends up fighting a man named Bloodsong. This is our second major choice of the episode. After the fight, while having Bloodsong in a finished position, you have the choice to kill or spare the man. As I figured sparing his life would be less effective for this crowd, I choice to end it instead. I’m also in the minority for this choice, statistically.

Back in King’s Landing, Mira Forrester is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Cersei finds out that she was at the party in the previous episode, also of the scene caused by Lord Andros. During a conversation with her fiend Sera, wherein Sera is stating that being friends with Mira is “too dangerous,” two guards appear and drag Mira off to see Cersei. The confrontation goes well enough, and before it is over, Cersei has convinced Mira to visit Tyrion (who is imprisoned due to suspicion of killing the king). It was advised to avoid telling Tyrion who actually sent you to visit, but the little imp is a devious one, and I eventually fessed up the truth. Again, in the minority of players, who seem to be more apt to lie than kill, interestingly enough. I wonder what that says about my character? “The Honest Murderer?” Perhaps that will be my new Twitter handle. But I digress.

Returning to Ironrath, Tahlia bursts in on Rodrik and Elaena in bed together, to give him some important news. It turns out that she couldn’t sleep and saw a man in the woods. The man put a note into a tree’s hollow, and she recovered the note and knows the identity of the the man. Upon inspecting the note, it is clear that it is spy material, meant for the Whitehills. Tahlia implores Rodrik to kill the traitor before revealing him. She leads Rodrik to the great hall, where it is discovered that Duncan is the traitor. He goes on a tirade about how shitty of a ruler Rodrik is, and then I chose to kill him. Seems I’m in the majority with this one, which is odd given my last statement. We won’t read into it.

Finally, between Meereen and Westeros, Asher and Beskha set sail with their pitfighting army. With the information gained from Duncan, Rodrik sets out with what few men they have to the harbor to meet with Asher and help in case of a potential ambush. Asher and co. arrive easily, and all seems well. As they are exiting the gates of the harbor city though, the trap is sprung and both Rodrik and Asher are stuck inside of the gates. They have been jammed shut, so though both of them are able to lift enough for one man to get through, there is a choice to be made. This is the final choice of the episode to boot. It was tough to do, as I have grown to enjoy both of the Forrester men that remain, but I decided that Asher, being younger and not a cripple, should be a better candidate for life. It’s a binary choice that you can’t get around, but it seemed more logical. This also allows Rodrik to die a hero, as he probably wanted to do in the first place before appearing back in Ironrath at the beginning of this tale. This too was the majority of player’s thought trains, apparently.

Oddly enough, despite playing as Gared Tuttle a couple of times through the episode, there were no major choices included for them. There were some important plot points however, but I won’t spoil the entire episode. Go play it!


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