Fantasy Thursdays: Final Recap


The Summer Split of the North American LCS ended this past weekend. That means the fantasy league is done, for now. If I recall correctly, there might be opportunities to play again during the playoffs, or maybe during worlds. If not, I can wait til next season too. Disappointment was felt this past week, as I lost my match due to some unforseen circumstances, and as such ended in a three way tie for first, and lost due to the second tiebreaker. The tiebreaker was based on overall points, and I lost out to Judentus by 110 points. I would not have beaten him in that category had I won last week’s match either, but I would have had sole possession of first place so tiebreakers wouldn’t have mattered. Boo to that. And boo to the way I lost my match. This championship should belong to me!


So remember when I said that I put Xiaoweixiao in at the last minute because he was projecting higher than Fenix? Well then he got busted for ELO boosting (which I’m not sure of the whole story, but apparently it’s considered unsportsmanlike) and wasn’t available for fantasy. I didn’t notice this til Saturday, as I usually have my teams locked in on Thursdays. So I was out two games worth of mid-laner points. Bullshit I say. If there was money riding on this I’d be really pissed.


To top it off, that epic Team Impulse versus Team Liquid game netted me ridiculous points, and if XWX would have been there, I would have definitely won. I only needed 19 points. Hell, I could have left Fenix there, and no problems. Worst possible timing for a pro player to get busted for something stupid. I now know to watch out for this if I play again in the future. Maybe Fantasy Football this year? However, I can’t put all of the blame on XWX. Gravity had a terrible showing all weekend, so the team and Hauntzer both could have made up the 20 points for me, and I would have won anyway. I actually was anticipating a win towards the end there, but fell just short. Story of my life.

Top players of the week and the whole summer, just because:

week9top summertopsplit

The entirety of TiP is on the top list for last week, minus XWX… like fuck what are the odds? Even looking at the top players of the whole split, I have 3 out of 5. I clearly knew what I was doing. In the top image, you’ll see where there was a feedback option. I wrote something along the lines of being able to swap a player like XWX who gets in trouble at the last minute, even if it’s for only sunday and not the whole weekend. I only needed 20 points to win my matchup, I’m pretty sure I could have gotten that in one day’s worth of play from a single player. It would have been a gamble but it would have felt more fair.

Either way, kudos to Judentus for doing winning the whole thing, and to Teamsoapymid for keeping up with us. Nertle, sorry bud but your team was a joke. That’s all I have for now. We’ll see when the next fantasy opportunity arises, and I’ll write about it then.

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