Some Quick Answers


I’ve been doing well enough with the Blaugust posting, but my regular readers will know I don’t usually post every single day. As such it’s been nice that this year there has been more work towards providing writing prompts for each other. I have gotten into the habit of writing posts and scheduling them for the following day so that I’m always a day ahead, and though I’m writing this post on Saturday in the early AM, I spent Friday recording and editing the podcast that was posted just after midnight, counting for Saturday’s post. I know ahead of time that I’m going to be gone and busy most of the day Saturday (after I go to sleep and wake back up) so I wanted to get a post prepped and scheduled for Sunday so that I wouldn’t have to worry about it (though I’ll probably write Monday’s post on Sunday evening). You can’t ever be late if you’re always ahead of schedule.

I was thinking that I might just do some stream of consciousness stuff, because I was resisting the writing prompts of others. I was furthering the challenge for myself to be able to come up with it all on my own, but in the end I had to succumb, as my brain was fried and I wanted to stay ahead. As such, I’m borrowing a writing prompt that was set up on the Blaugust Anook forum, that was provided by Ari from Comics and Cookies. Apparently it was something she had come up with due to having been tagged in the Liebster Award chain letter thing, which I remember doing myself a few months back. Anyway, here’s her questions, and my answers.

1.) Favourite console?

My absolute favorite console was the Sega Genesis. So many fond memories. However, I’ve been a Sony console owner ever since, and my PS3 has probably had the most hours of use. However, I use my PC as my primary form of entertainment.

2.) If you could live in video game universe, what would it be and why?

Probably RuneTerra, which sounds like a great place if you actually dive into the lore of League of Legends. I like the fact that there’s a mix of magic and technology, so it has almost a steampunk feel to it. That or maybe the world of Shadowrun, for similar reasons.

3.) When you’re not gaming, what else do you do?

Write this blog. Produce a weekly podcast. Some streaming, some video editing. But all of that still has to do with gaming. I also watch TV, hang out with my girlfriend and friends or have a beer once in a while.

4.) What’s your perfect day?

Good food, beer, some games, and some sex at the end of the day. I’m a simple man.

5.) What was the first game you ever played?

No idea at this point. Probably something around the NES era.

6.) What was the weirdest game you ever played?

Probably “The Culling of the Cows.” It’s a weird side scrolling tower defense type game. I got a free key somehow or another, and didn’t play it for more than a few minutes.

7.) Who’s your favourite bad guy (in anything- TV, film, games, comics etc) and why?

My favorite villain of all time is definitely Carnage. I still don’t understand how he didn’t appear in one of the Spider-Man movies. Maybe that will be rectified with the next reboot.

8.) Good or evil?

I typically choose evil side factions, and evil choices when presented, because being a good person all the time gets boring.

9.) What’s your most prized possession?

I wouldn’t say I have one. But my PC gives me the most enjoyment of the things I own. However, I would be pretty sad if I didn’t have a car.

10.) Healer, tank or DPS?

Tank or DPS. You can read more about that in my recent post.

Alright. Done and Done. I’ll catch you guys later.