The Gamer To-Do List: Update #3


It’s been a while since I touched back on my Gamer To-Do List, and there have been some modifications and updates to said list, so I figured today was as good a day as any to go over the changes. Here’s what my list looked like previously, with edits done to bring it in line with the current version:

My Gamer To-Do List:

  • ESO – level my templar to 15 and try out pvp again  (currently level 12)
  • League of Legends – get Silver in ranked (in promo series now) Made Silver, work towards Gold. Try to get some champions to tier 5 mastery.
  • EQ2 – work through expansion Chains of Eternity  (about half way through Eidolon Jungle) Nearly done with EJ zone.
  • Dirty Bomb/Counter Strike GO – continue to level accounts (played a bit of each recently) It’s not that I’m not gonna ever play these again, just not focused on them.
  • Crusader Kings II – learn the game (haven’t touched this yet) I want to play this, but I need to be able to focus on it solely. Back burner for now.
  • Borderlands The Pre-Sequel – (finally started playing this one and love it) still in rotation
  • Card Hunter – (played through the tutorial and a couple extra levels. It’s fun. More on this later) I saw what I needed to see. 
  • Valkyria Chronicles – this one is still in the rotation
  • Magic Duels Origins – (want to look into this as possible Hearthstone replacement) Played til I hit a bug. Will go back to check it out eventually. 
  • Diablo III – check out new content when patch drops – (level Demon Hunter to 70 in meantime) – level a crusader in season 4
  • The Forest – check out patch 0.22 multiplayer fixes – game was nearly unplayable in co-op before

Free Agents:

  • Project Gorgon
  • L.A. Noire
  • Alan Wake
  • Divinity Original Sin

On Hold:

  • Crusader Kings II — learn the game.
  • Magic Duels – Check back to see if bugs are fixed
  • GW2 – determine main, then level to 80. 
  • Rift – Level Cleric to cap.

I wrote posts about making it to Silver in League, and trying out Magic Duels. I even talked about things I’d like to do in Diablo III and how it’s an Evergreen game. I haven’t talked about how I’ve been dipping my toes into ESO, EQ2, GW2 and Rift mainly to get screen shots for my other blog, but also just to test the waters because I’m constantly fighting with myself over which one to devote the most time to. I really enjoy portions of all four of these games, and since none require a subscription to enjoy, I theoretically can play them all at the same time. However, I don’t make much progress in any of them when I play them all. GW2 and Rift are mostly on the backburner, but even in just logging in to get cool landscape shots I feel the urge to put serious time into them. I haven’t touched ESO in a week, but yesterday I managed to play EQ2 for a couple of hours, putting me near the end of the zone I’ve been working on.


The tail end of this zone has been pretty cool, because you start doing quests for the Cthulhu-like creatures from the plane of Fear, and have to slay all manner of beasts from that realm. The tone of the zone has changed to this red hue and though a bit unsettling, it’s better looking than the first part of the zone was. I will say I enjoy the atmospheric effects the team learned to implement over the years, as it wasn’t until systems were able to handle such large zones that sub-zones started to emerge. I’m going to keep plugging away at all of these games, but just like my to-do list changes, so do my goals. Real life is about to kick my ass as well, so I might be having to pull articles out of my ass towards the end of Blaugust. I still think I’ll be able to complete the challenge, but I know my play time is going to go out the window and that’s okay. I need to get back to reality in many senses of the word.

So really that’s all I have to say for now. I will come back to this list once it has changed some more.

So I totally forgot to tag my Nuclear Throne daily run onto the post yesterday, so today you’re getting two for the price of one. First, yesterday’s shitty run with Chicken:

And another shitty run from today, this time with Y.V.:

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