Real Life Adventures

This weekend I spent most of my time hanging out with my girlfriend. I did manage to watch part of the NALCS semi-finals, seeing Counter-Logic Gaming decimate Team Impulse 3-0. I was surprised, I really thought the series would have gone the full five games, but it was not to be. I didn’t catch TSM winning today, but I’ve kept up on what’s happened and will probably watch the VODs of the games. More on this in a further post.

So later on Saturday I headed over to hang out with my lady. She had been busy running errands or else I would have probably headed over sooner, but we had plans to go get some food and hit up a local brewery. There’s a Dick’s Sporting Goods near her house that sponsors this event called “Food Truck Saturdays” and though that’s pretty self-explanatory, let me elaborate. There were about ten food trucks, all of which served different types of food, and they are all parked in a big rectangle shape, with a bunch of tables set up in between. I ended up getting this fantastic blackened chicken grilled cheese on sourdough and she got some sort of tacos that were made with meat you’d normally find at a Korean BBQ joint. The food was great, which was better than I had expected, as I was picturing something more akin to “Roach Coaches” we used to see at construction jobs I’d worked in the past. These were more like restaurants on wheels, and it was a cool new experience.

After eating we headed over to a local brewery, called Wolf Creek. She’s raved about their beer before, and I’ve tried it from bottles purchased at stores, but having it straight from the source is altogether different. I had a dark stout brew that tasted very similar to Guinness, and then an IPA that was also very good. There was a live cover band and it appeared someone was having a birthday party of sorts, but we just hung out, drank some brews and played some cards.

It was my first time checking out Cards Against Humanity, and I must say the game looks like a lot of fun, though it would have been better with more people. Since it was just the two of us, we opted to just make the funniest adlibs we could. Afterwards we headed back to her place and watched a movie before calling it a night. By the way, don’t waste your time with “The ABC’s of Death.” It wasn’t very good, and I turned it off about twenty minutes in.

Today we had plans to do something, but we weren’t sure what. Originally we had talked about going to a museum, but then we talked about maybe going to the observatory, the beach or hell we even talked about going and buying a PS4 and playing games all day. Of course I personally would have picked the latter, but we ended up going the museum as originally planned. For those of you in the LA area, I can report that the J. Paul Getty Museum aka “The Getty” is pretty cool. It’s not the usual thing I’d go and do, but it was interesting nonetheless. The only problem was that it’s been hot as hell and there’s a ton of walking and stairs and yuck. Thankfully the buildings were nice and cool, it was just the walking between the buildings that sucked.

After parking, you take a tram up to the museum grounds and there’s several buildings with different exhibits, though mostly everything we were looking at was old art. You know, Van Goghs and stuff. There were some bits that I liked and some I couldn’t be bothered with, but it was still pretty entertaining overall. We ate at the food court, and though it was disturbing to think about “Getty Sauce” on my burger, it was still pretty damn good. We got back to her house around 6 and I headed home a bit after that to finally catch up on Internet things that happened over the weekend.

All in all it was a good time.

There was a new patch for Nuclear Throne that added some extra visual goodness. On this run I played as Crystal, and died on world 3. Also saw a weird ninja turtles level I hadn’t seen before.