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gemcollectionSeason 3 ended this past Sunday without my realizing it. When I logged into the game last night, I was met with a billion in game mails containing all of my gems and crafting components. Side note, I’m wondering how they will be combined when the upcoming patch removes some of the variety? I was curious about some of the season’s rewards and also how many Paragon points I’d end up with but inventory management was the most pressing matter. Unfortunately I had spent a pretty penny on dyes and transmogrification (bad idea at such a low level by the way), so I ended up with a mess of all manner of gem tiers. I was only able to combine some, so I ended up having to go farm some gold so I’d be able to combine what was left. I was extremely lucky and ended up on one of the bovine rifts, and stumbled upon an event I hadn’t seen before.

The gist of it was that there was a spirit cow, and once you talk to him, he says “they look like they have a beef with you” before disappearing. Soon all manner of bovines are swarming your location. I killed 87 before the time elapsed, however I noticed each one was giving me something like 100k experience and 10k gold. I was rolling in dough once more, and managed two levels of experience in that one event. I still had to finish off the rift and the big ass cow boss before returning to town where I managed to combine all my remaining gems and deck myself out in some new gear. I ended up removing so many gems from my old gear that I used up all of my money and ended up with several pieces of gear sitting in my stash — waiting to have gems removed. Oh, and I decided to use up the 350 blood shards in my inventory, and ended up with some legendary shoulders, so it ended up being pretty good overall.

I ended up with 12 paragon points, up from 5 and combined with the seasonal 9 I had earned. Not bad, it helped with some minor buffs on my Demon Hunter. Before the end of the night I was level 56 but I missed my mark of getting this character to 70 before the season ended. Fortunately the new season doesn’t start until Friday, so I should be able to have the Demon Hunter at 70 by then anyway. Worst part of spending on that money on transmogs? I look completely different after only a few short hours. Lesson learned.


Looking around I can’t seem to find what the exact rewards for having a level 70 during season 3 was supposed to net me. For Season 4 it looks like you get a couple of transmogs for a couple of slots. I imagine the same would go for season 3, but at this point I don’t see them, so either they haven’t been unlocked yet, or I’m not looking in the right place. I did get a new profile ring thing (you can see it above, below my character), but that’s all I can see so far, and that doesn’t seem limited to the season, but rather having over ten paragon points. Anyone have any ideas?

I think this is why the season journey will be nice, as it seems to direct you to what needs to be done to get rewards, and has a tracker much like the achievement system. I’ll see if I can track down more info an report back if no one enlightens us in the comments.

Took Crystal for this daily run. I was doing just fine, actually got a crown for once, and ended up standing too close to Big Dog. You’ll see what happened.

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  1. I can’t remember which patch it was, but if you have gems in gear you don’t want anymore, you can now just salvage the item at the blacksmith and the gem is returned to you free 🙂 You only need to use Shen to remove gens it you also want to keep the item.


  2. Oh! And the season 3 reward for being at level cap is two Conquerer’s transmog items, chest and gloves. If you’ve played in previous seasons it might be possible that you’ve already unlocked them.


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