Daily Run #21

I don’t really have much to post about today, because as I mentioned yesterday I just got back into town and to be honest I haven’t gamed at all today. I did play Diablo III for a little while last night, so my hardcore season 4 Wizard is at level 20. I want to get back into leveling in some of the MMOs I’ve been playing recently, and another new Awesomenauts patch dropped with a new character, so that makes me want to play the game (I haven’t played on the PC since the last new character came out a couple months ago). There’s been new patches or updates for a number of games that I play recently, so I do have enough material to keep this daily posting thing going for a while. But like Belghast himself, I might have to stray into other forms of media or even real life to do so. Not that that’s really out of the ordinary around here anyway, but just giving a fair warning nonetheless. I have noticed a nice spike of traffic for the past month, which is probably a direct correlation to Blaugust, but I’m curious to see if I stick with it, if it ends up being more just because of writing daily posts and not directly related to the event. Time will tell I suppose.

Oh yeah, and as a result of finishing Blaugust for the 2nd year in a row, my sidebar has been updated with the newest badge:
Anyway, here’s my newest Nuclear Throne daily run for your viewing pleasure:

Took up a run with Crystal, and am pissed about how I died. As far as I knew I had death prevent on, but apparently not or I missed when it saved me prior to actually dying. Either way, a health pack timed out right as I was getting to it, and I was charged by a crystal monster on world 4.