A Daily + A Poll

I didn’t play much of anything yesterday, so I don’t have further updates towards my ongoing sagas in Diablo III or Everquest II. As I said at the end of last month/beginning of this month, I am trying to see how long I can keep up the daily posting here, on my other blog, and doing the Nuclear Throne daily runs. However, on slow news days where there isn’t a hot button issue to talk about, and when I don’t have game progress to share, or otherwise can’t come up with something better to talk about, I will be blabbing on about random things and then posting the daily run video.

With that said, I do have another brief topic I’d like to go over, or rather a poll. Basically it’s been about a month and a half since I opened my photo blog, The Digital Backwoods. Traffic isn’t spectacular but it is steady and I have had some feedback here and there, along with a number of guest submissions. It feels like my effort to put it together was worth it at this point. I’m just curious, since stats don’t really tell the story, if you have actually visited the site, if you visit regularly, and if you have actually used any of the shots as wallpapers for your PC. Here’s the poll, and any further commentary is welcome in the comments section!

A good start doesn’t always mean a strong finish. Foiled again on Lil Hunter’s level, this time as Crystal. I had meant to use the random choice again but it was too late by the time I remembered.