Sever Merge Poll

For those of you who have been playing attention to the ongoing sever saga that’s been happening with Everquest II, the final step is coming. Well, not final, because the prison server hasn’t been made official and there will still be unlocks for the progression servers to vote for. But when the original announcements came down that there were going to be progression servers in the first place, Daybreak also said that they were planning on server merges for the remaining US servers. Apparently European and Asian servers already had this happen a while back. This meant that three sets of three servers each were going to be merged.

Of course, there were issues brought up with this plan, as some of the populations were unhappy with the choices for servers merging. Nagafen, the last standing PvP server from the initial PvP launch in 2007 is getting merged with others, and won’t be PvP anymore. If you want the privilege of killing people, you’ll have to pay that monthly fee for access to Deathtoll. I don’t remember precisely who said it (probably Wilhelm), but there is likely to be one server out of the remaining three to have a higher population, as they merged one of the higher pop servers with the highest, Antonia Bayle. Regardless, I’ve always been on Butcherblock (aside from my stint on Nagafen back in 07) so we were getting the middle of the road option. We had a pretty high population back in the day, and now we’re smaller than AB but bigger than others. We’re getting Crushbone and Oasis, two names that I recall having medium populations for a long time now. Throw that together with Butcherblock, and we should have a nice little boost. I know in my recent adventures I don’t see many people, but I’m in older content and seem to only go back and forth between the guild hall and wherever I’m leveling. I still have hope that some of the older zones will see more random people running around in them. Then again, people are doing old content on the progression servers, so perhaps they’d rather do it over there. Either way I’ll be at the end game sooner or later.


So, the real reason for this post besides me ranting about server statuses, is that the other night when I logged in I had mail to participate in a name vote for the server I’m being merged into. You may recall that I voted for the progression server names back when that was going on as well, and one of the names I voted for was used: Deathtoll. It was discussed on the forums that these groups of servers that were being merged would have themed names based on an expansion, and our group got assigned names from Desert of Flames. I wasn’t ever much of a fan of this expansion, but I do remember Poet’s Palace being a fun zone so I rolled with that. I also enjoyed the Shimmering Citadel, but Poet’s just sounds better to me.

Did you guys vote on this poll? What did you pick? What would you have picked if you were participating?

Went back to using the random option today, but still ended up getting one of my favorites, chicken. The mutations weren’t very favorable today though, and I got cornered while fighting big dog.