By The Numbers: Week 1, 2015


Hello again, and welcome back to my weekly post about the NFL that runs during football season. I’ve been writing about my team, the Green Bay Packers off and on for the past few years, including infographics and commentary. Last year I became more focused and started making picks and throwing out projected scores for the games each week. That’s what you can expect from this column: my winner picks and my guess as to the scores. I attempted to grade myself each week last year but this year I’m just going to roll with it and watch it change like I did before. So yeah, some commentary, picks, scores, and an evolution of whatever else I deem worthy that is football related. Sound good? Those of you not interested in American Football can just skip these posts. With that said, let’s take a look at this week’s infographic straight from

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I’ll start with the Packers, since I’m biased and all. For week 1 we start off by heading to Soldier Field to vie against the Bears, who have been our bitch during the Cutler years, save for that time someone broke Aaron Rodgers’ collarbone. I expect no different this week, even with Jordy Nelson out and James Jones in.  Lacy will get yardage, the rookie wideouts will show promise, and Rodgers will go for broke as ever.

I should also note that I would have picked the Steelers to win Thursday night’s game, just because I didn’t want to see the cheatin-ass Patriots win, but honestly I could give a shit about either team, unless the Pack are facing them in the Super Bowl. It’s a bit early for that, so we’ll just leave it at that.

Packers 36, Bears 14
Colts 28, Bills 21
Chiefs 21, Texans 20
Panthers 31, Jaguars 17
Jets 14, Browns 10
Seachickens 24, Rams 7
Dolphins 20, Redskins 13
Saints 34, Cardinals 24
Lions 21, Chargers 20
Broncos 24, Ravens 20
Bengals 26, Raiders 10
Buccs 24, Titans 14
Cowboys 31, Giants 28
Eagles 27, Falcons 21
Vikings 28, 49ers 14

There’s a few upsets in there I think, particularly that last matchup. The Vikings have been rebuilding for a while and they have AP back. The 49ers look bombed and depleted after an offseason of loss. We’ll see how the weekend ends, and then come back to some of my speculation on teams this week. We’ll see if my thoughts are correct.

Sticking with the random character select, I was stuck with Y.V. for this go round. It was going pretty well and pretty bad for most of the run (got some miracle saves), and I was just about to get to Lil Hunter when I died stupidly, and can’t really explain it.