By The Numbers: Week 2, 2015


Bonus post today because I totally forgot to push out this column earlier in the week. The Thursday game already happened, so I won’t bother making a pick for that. The big news for me this week is that the Packers are facing off against the Seahawks — between them and the 49ers the past few years have been rough in the NFC playoffs. We’ve still gone more years in a row, but that last Super Bowl is feeling too far away at this point. Thankfully the Seahawks have some weaknesses, in that Wilson didn’t look that great in week 1, Kam Chancelor is still holding out for a contract, and if the Rams can do it, we should be able to as well. However, Bryan Bulaga is injured once again which means our O-line is down a starter, but on the positive side we got Datone Jones back from suspension and it looks like Morgan Burnett might play this week as well, shoring up our defense a bit. I have faith we’ll finally show these guys what’s up. Here’s the infographic for the week:


Apparently we haven’t played the Seahawks all that many times, and despite being on a 3-game skid, we’re still ahead by two wins. There should definitely be an asterisk next to that first of the three wins, mainly because that’s the game where the fail mary happened and we ended up helping the league get the real referees back into the game. Wasn’t it the year before that when we got two head coaches fired after trouncing their teams? Seems like the Packers should be called America’s team, because we do more for the league than just play football. I’m looking forward to the game tomorrow, I’m not as nervous as I was at the beginning of the season looking ahead to that game. I know that in the NFC title game last season we man-handled them during all but the last four minutes of the game, so I want to see a repeat performance, but with a strong finish. No more allowing the Seachickens to be in a position to get that benefit of the doubt hail mary play in. No more allowing them to claw back into the game, just to squander their Super Bowl winning hopes by using a pass play from the 1-yard line with the game on the line and beastmode in the back field. Fuck the Seahawks. It’s our year.

Last week I managed to make 7/15 predictions correctly, not counting the Thursday game. I probably shouldn’t have gone with some of the upset picks, but sometimes the hype other analysts spread makes you think shitty teams like the Vikings will beat other shitty teams that actually look pretty good now like the 49ers. But I digress. Here’s my picks for week 2:

Patriots 27, Bills 21
Texans 21, Panthers, 17
Cardinals 30, Bears 20
Bengals 23, Chargers 13
Titans 31, Browns 14
Lions 38, Vikings 10
Saints 34, Buccs 14
Falcons 27, Giants 21
Steelers 23, 49ers 17
Rams 24, Skins 7
Dolphins 27, Jags 13
Ravens 24, Raiders 10
Eagles 28, Cowboys 24
Packers 31, Seachickens 21
Colts 21, Jets 20

Let’s see if I do any better this next week. See you again next week for another edition of By The Numbers.

Bonus video today. I made a normal (non-daily) run on Crystal and made it to the final boss of Nuclear Throne. Still didn’t kill him though. One of these days I’ll actually make a loop!