By The Numbers: Week 3, 2015


Another 7/15 week as so many games were played that went the other way, just look at this informative graphic:


Seriously, it’s not happening. But hey, what do I know, I picked against every single on of those teams and they proved me wrong. So I’m not really giving a shit about my accuracy, but you can bet I’ll report if I start getting a better percentage right. Here’s my picks for the 3rd week of the season:

Skins 21, Giants 20
Bengals 27, Ravens 14
Panthers 31, Saints 20
Raiders 24, Browns 10
Falcons 27, Cowboys 13
Buccs 21, Texans 17
Chargers 31, Vikings 14
Patriots 42, Jags 13
Eagles 27, Jets 10
Steelers 28, Rams 13
Colts 17, Titans 12
Cardinals 24, 49ers 13
Bills 27, Dolphins 7
Seachickens 24, Bears 3
Broncos 27, Lions 14
Packers 34, Chiefs 17

Yeah, I don’t have much else to add today. Here’s the week’s Packers infographic.


Random select gave me Rogue again, and it seems like my progress has turned backwards the past couple days. Early end this time too.