By The Numbers: Week 4, 2015


Taking a short look at the season, we’re seeing patterns emerge and some teams deemed worthy of Super Bowl contention in the preseason sitting towards the bottom of the barrel. Seriously, there’s teams like the 49ers and the Saints in the bottom four slots of this week’s power rankings, while the Jaguars and the Raiders (yeah, those Raiders) sitting in the middle of the pack. One thing that hasn’t changed as much is the top of the pack, with the Packers and the Patriots right there at the top. Honestly, the Packers should have been in the Super Bowl last year, and I’m not saying that as a fan. This year is far from over, but we’re seeing some similar patterns along with those shockers I listed above.

This week, my team is hitting the road and going to San Francisco to face the 49ers, who look bombed out and depleted. Kaepernick looks attrocious. But they’ve beaten us quite a few times in a row now, so anything can happen. I still think the Packers take it, as their offense looks weak and their defense isn’t as still in years past. The only other game this week that seems like it might be fun to watch is Oakland vs. Chicago. I’m curious to see just how bad the Bears are this year, and I want to know if Derek Carr is the real deal. Can he resurrect a terrible team? Can he get them to 3-1? Or is he another flop? Otherwise it’s bad matchups where 0-3 teams are playing 1-2 teams and shit like that gets boring quick. Bye weeks make for some bad weeks, watching wise. Even this past game where the Packers decimated the Chiefs was hard to watch til it was at least almost a competition in the 4th quarter. Anyway, here’s my picks for the week:

Packers 31, 49ers 17
Steelers 28, Ravens 7
Jets 21, Dolphins 10
Falcons 27, Texans 13
Bills 24, Giants 20
Raiders 27, Bears 7
Bengals 34, Chiefs 21
Colts 21, Jags 20
Panthers 27, Buccs 3
Eagles 24, Skins 7
Chargers 27, Browns 17
Cards 20, Rams 10
Broncos 24, Vikings 21
Cowboys 14, Saints 13
Seachickens 38, Lions 21