Slacktober in Full Effect

I was going so strong.

After Blaugust ended, I was on a mission to keep up the tempo. During the course of the month, I took up a few daily tasks, beyond the mere post per day the event dictates. I started doing daily runs in Nuclear Throne, recording them and throwing them up on my YouTube channel. I also started up my secondary blog, The Digital Backwoods. For the most part, I completed my goals in September. I didn’t post every day, but I did pretty well. I missed a day or two of dailies due to other priorities. I have managed to keep ahead full steam on the picture blog, thanks in part to community submissions. I thank those of you who contributed.

The origin of Slacktober escapes me but I know it came about from someone making post-Blaugust commentary, and basically admitting to themselves that they can’t adhere to a daily posting schedule (without getting paid for it, I’m sure plenty of us would gladly do more for cold hard cash). It may have even been Slacktember, but either way, my forward motion has slowed and I am settling back into a more reasonable posting schedule. I plan to keep up the daily posts on the Backwoods, but posts here will be more sporadic. Fun fact: I actually got more traffic (the most ever in a month on this site) during September than I did in Blaugust, which was interesting but probably not worth dissecting.

Some of you might remember the event I ran last October in conjunction with Eri, called Bragtoberfest. I had thought about doing it again this year, but after running the NBI this year in a larger capacity and then participating in Blaugust and my own endeavors over the past couple of months, I feel a little bit of burn out. It’s not to say I’m not going to keep most of these projects going, but I don’t have the energy to pull together more gaming events that may or may not be of interest to people. So if you liked Bragtoberfest, feel free to share your accomplishments in games and tag it as such, but as for the formal event I’m throwing in the towel this year. With enough interest, I would be willing to host a gaming event, so let me know in the comments if that would be something you’d want to do. The people who joined in last year seemed to have some fun.

The other day I pulled something or pinched a nerve in my back and literally spent a day and a half in bed. Thankfully the League of Legends World Championships started this week, so I watched the rebroadcasts on both Thursday and Friday. Today I’ve watched a couple of the VoDs and I have to say it’s been an entertaining groups stage. I’m amazed that Cloud 9 has been doing so well, and surprised that TSM is doing so poorly. The same can be said about some of the top seeds from the other regions. I could write a whole post on this, and probably will after the weekend’s games are over. I also managed to watch a bunch of Netflix and I would like to recommend Bloodline as a very good series to binge on, and the horror movie Come Back To Me was a trip.

I haven’t really played any games. That means I’ve missed about 3 days worth of daily videos, and I’m starting to think I’m going to either re-evaluate what I’m doing with those videos (i.e. adding commentary or doing some other videos with commentary and getting away from the daily schedule) or if I’m going to bother at all any more. Maybe I’ll start doing clip videos with a week’s worth of dailies. I’m not really sure. I love content creation in all its forms but I’m questioning my direction. Don’t mind my stream of consciousness nonsense. I’ll be back when I have something with more substance.

4 thoughts on “Slacktober in Full Effect

    • The back is semi-better. I’m still leaning towards it being a pinched nerve though, because it keeps hurting from my lower back down my right leg only, the left side is fine. I can at least get around now, there’s just a dull ache most of the time. Hoping it sorts itself out sooner than later.


  1. I didn’t watch them all, but I thought Cloud 9 looked pretty good. Definitely a surprise from how they were expected to fair in the first weekend. Perhaps this is really going to be the year the West reclaims the throne.


    • It’s looking like a good bet, outside of having to take out SKT, who look the strongest of the top ranked teams of the moment. There’s still another week of the group stage that could turn some fortunes around, though I think the Wildcards and the lower ranked teams might already be in trouble. Cloud 9 looks strong but has shown errors. The same goes for CLG. TSM has been very shaky, but so have the Chinese teams. Origen has been the surprise of the EU scene, but I’m not counting Fnatic out yet. H2K I’m on the fence about. Either way, I still think it would be great to see a C9/CLG vs SKT final match up.


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