Izlain the Hun

After outlining my To-Do List last week, I quickly stopped playing all of those games and picked up Civilization V once again. It had been over a year since I had played the game and from memory I recall having been beaten out by Gandhi in my last game, where I was attempting to warmonger and he went the peaceful cultural victory route. For whatever reason, I just had the urge to start playing the game again, so I rolled with it.


I chose Attila, as I figured he was a good warmonger type, and I’ve already won with generals from Germany and America in the past. Set up the rest of the game with the Terra map (similar to the real world), made it Huge with the max players, on normal difficulty at standard pace. I also decided to only allow a complete domination victory, so that way no one was going to go peaceful routes to beat me. So it began.


I started the game near a river, and of course had to spend most of the early game doing research, building structures and units, scouting, and of course killing barbarians. Soon enough, I had expanded by a couple of cities and stretched my empire near the coast lines to the east and south. Genghis Khan was the nearest civilization, and of course he started to expand into lands I considered my own.


It was clear that the Khan was not to be trusted, as he started sending troops down in between my territories to bully a nearby city-state whom I had allied with.


He backed off without causing too much harm to the city-state, but I responded in kind, taking over his nearest city and thereby expanding my empire.


I called off the war after this, because I wasn’t ready to expand further, mainly because I founded a new city on the northern coast and had plenty of roads and farms to build. I also wanted to improve some of my siege weaponry so that I could more effectively continue my expansion.


Soon I would have all of my cities connected and came to a point where I was struggling with happiness levels, food levels, and all the other troubles that a budding civilization would have. Barbarians had been eradicated from this side of the continent though, so that was one less thing to worry about. I had considered taking control of the two city-states in the south east corner of my empire, but decided that I would keep them around as allies. Khan was still first on my list to eradicate though.


I began prepping for my siege, surrounding the next closest city that belonged to Khan. He mentioned to me that he was worried about my ammassing troops, but I assured him we were “just passing through.” I knew he wouldn’t believe that, but I let it ride for a few turns. Soon, another civilization was asking me to go to war with the Khan, and I accepted. They swept in from the east (though I couldn’t really see much of what was going on, just know that I saw a city go down in flames) while I took this city and the one above it.


I had built up a small navy by this point, which aided me in the siege. I also entered the industrial era and these cities were no match for cannon barrages. I should be able to conquer Khan very soon, as he has posed no real threat. As it is he has been begging to stop this war, but I will soldier on. From there my expansion will continue west until I can take over the world. More to come as I play through the game.