By The Numbers: Week 6, 2015


151016-infographic-950Another week in the books, and my Green Bay Packers eeked out another win, despite Aaron Rodgers having thrown two picks and losing a fumble. I’m not sure why it is that every single year the offense is so explosive and the defense sucks, but towards the end of last season, the defense was starting to match the offense’s production. That pattern has persisted with the defense at least, in which the team is #6 overall or something to that effect, but is really beastly when it comes to sacks and takeaways, and tightening up in the redzone. Less than two touchdowns scored against them in the past two games is amazing. I just wish the offense would produce much like years past. Of course, A-Rod is still the best quarterback in the league so it’s not a big deal having a down day while still racking up another win. By the way, his first INT was a tipped ball and the second actually touched the ground as the defender was catching it, but was still ruled a pick, so you can’t really hold these things against him. We might be a bit more upset if the team would have lost.

Speaking of losing, holy shit that comeback win by the Giants on Sunday night against the 49ers was amazing. Eli showed Krappernick what a real QB does in tough situations. That Chargers game was equally fun to watch, where Mike Vick, backup for Big Ben in Pittsburgh dismantled the San Diego defense in the final minutes of the game. Sad that someone like him could put away the Chargers so easily. Those were really the only games I watched this week, so I can’t really comment further. Those same Chargers are coming to Lambeau this Sunday though, and that probably means more trouble for them, as Rivers isn’t the best under constant pressure, and that’s something the Packers have in spades right now. That pass rush is fierce. Anyway, on with the picks for week 6:

Falcons 31, Saints 10
Jets 17, Skins 10
Cardinals 24, Steelers 20
Vikings 20, Chiefs 13
Bengals 21, Bills 14
Bears 27, Lions 21
Broncos 34, Browns 20
Texans 19, Jags 7
Dolphins 14, Titans 10
Panthers 21, Seachickens 16
Packers 28, Chargers 10
Ravens 21, 49ers 13
Patriots 34, Colts 14
Giants 27, Eagles 24

See you next week.