By The Numbers: Week 7, 2015


Holy shit. That’s all that can be said about the performance of Phillip Rivers (never thought I’d be saying these words) last Sunday. He racked up so many yards and managed to break a bunch of San Diego records when he played my beloved Packers. Thankfully, we got it done during crunch time with an incredible goal line stand through four downs to seal the victory. A 6-0 Green Bay going into a bye week means we’ll hopefully see some of our injured players coming back in week 8, and we’ll get back to dominating games. The offense needs some receivers back, and Lacy needs to get better, because his production has been poor for a few games. Good on Starks for picking up the slack, but Lacy was drawing more attention at his peak performance. A win is a win though, and being undefeated to this point feels good. Broncos are up next and that will be no small feat to pull out the victory. Perhaps we’ll manage. One team has to go home with a 1 in the loss column either way. Not much else to say there, here’s my picks for this week:

Seachickens 17, 49ers 7
Bills 24, Jags 13
Buccs 21, Skins 20
Falcons 28, Titans 14
Colts 24, Saints 17
Lions 21, Vikings 13
Steelers 19, Chiefs 10
Rams 14, Browns 13
Dolphins 27, Titans 10
Patriots 31, Jets 7
Chargers 38, Raiders 3
Cowboys 20, Giants 10
Panthers 32, Eagles 17
Cardinals 30, Ravens 13

Done and done.