Vault of the Traveler

TaleTell Games’ Tales From the Borderlands series just wrapped up, and I must say it’s one of the biggest and most ambitious of their projects to date. The building anticipation for this final episode was growing exponentially each episode, and the finale didn’t let me down. There were some awesome action sequences while you control Gortys in a semi-Voltron-meets-Power-Rangers type of battle, there was plenty to pull on your heart-strings, and the ending was left wide open for something else to come later… hopefully this means there will be a season 2, even if it focuses on different characters. Finding out who the mysterious stranger that was holding Rhys and Fiona captive through the underlying narrative was a pleasant surprise, and finding Vaughn again was cool as well. Overall the multiple side story lines came together in one epic conclusion and I loved it. Sure, you don’t get to really “play” the game much, it’s more of an interactive story. Sure, there are some optimization issues (particularly on the PS3, where every time the game auto-saves you end up with audio playing, but a frozen screen). But if you can look past the ugly, you’ll find some great features and an even greater story line. I loved it. Fans of the Borderlands IP will love it too. If you haven’t picked it up yet, do yourself a favor and grab it, especially if you can get it on sale. It’s an easy play through with a great payoff. So, hopefully that wasn’t too spoiler-y. Let’s go over my choices for this episode, shall we?


While playing as Fiona, there’s a portion of the episode where Gortys is engaged with the Vault monster, and you need to get to Vallory to stop her from attacking Gortys with a big-ass rocket launcher. Finch is lying nearby and stops you to gloat about the death of Sasha (which isn’t entirely true). You can either end him, or let him bleed out. I chose the latter, as did the majority of players. This is the last time we’ll see him. Oh yeah, Vallory doesn’t last much longer either.

There’s a portion later on where Fiona and Rhys are questioning the mysterious guy who’s been holding them hostage throughout the game (the rest of the gameplay is actually a story they’re telling to the stranger). Rhys tells her to be the bad cop, and he’ll be the good cop. I went along with this idea, along with the majority of players. He ends up going bad cop too though, and hilarity ensues. Seriously, I don’t usually laugh out loud at video games, but the snappy dialogue in this title had me rolling.

Lastly, when all is said and done, Rhys and Fiona enter the vault and are heading to the ultimate prize — the chest inside it. Fiona had been harping on Rhys for a while about being sweet on Sasha, and at this point, finally has the option of telling him to stay away, or giving her blessing. The overwhelming majority of the playerbase gave him the go-ahead, myself included.

As Rhys, there is a point where you are able to finally rid the world of Jack. Despite being his idol, he finally saw how terrible of a person Jack was. Jack does give Rhys props for bringing down Helios and being “way better at killing people” than him, but it needed to be done. Most players agree, Jack had to go. Watching Rhys pull out all of his cybernetics was kinda rough though.

And finally, as I mentioned with the last Fiona choice, she had been ragging on Rhys about liking Sasha, and there was an oportunity to come clean about it. I admitted to it, and that leads to Fiona giving her blessing.

Not too many impactful choices in this episode, but the gameplay and story was worth it nonetheless. I think this is the first time that I was in the majority with all of the choices in an episode, in any of the TellTale games that I’ve played to this point. Nonetheless, the overall rating I’d give the entire series would be a 9/10. It was fantastic, and I’d urge you to try it, particularly if you’re a Borderlands fan. Even if you don’t like TellTale, you’ll probably like this.