Izlain the Hun Part 3


My time as Izlain the Hun has come to an end, but what a tale it was! My recounting of the details might be a little fuzzy because I played several sessions to finish up the game, and am going to just wrap it up in this last post. As such, the older details are what’s mostly fuzzy. I know after the last time I wrote about my play through, I had destroyed the Mongols, part of the Byzantine Empire and had moved on to attacking Siam. At this point many of the world’s leaders were guarded towards me, and it was basically me and the Shoshone against the world.


I pushed further south, essentially taking over the rest of the eastern coastline, which included finishing off Siam, and capturing various city-states. Despite my desire to leave the city-states near my territory in tact, it ended up where one by one they made friends with an enemy civilization, and I ended up having to wipe some of them off of the map. The two nearest me were first to go, and later I had to take Ragusa as they were blocking my push southward.


It was nice to have an additional port city, as my navy was becoming quite formidable at this point. It should also be noted that at this point some of the other civs decided to wage their own wars, and soon a few of the other factions were killed off by the AI. After conquering most of Siam’s territory for instance, Egypt attacked from the other side and took their final city. The Byzantines were conquered similarly, as was Brazil, whom I never saw except for on the political screen. I had to conquer another port-holding city-state myself, and decided to test out my new found nuclear technology on them.


Nukes were devastating, but you also need ground troops nearby to actually capture cities, so I had sent that particular nuke a little prematurely. Soon I had the entire east coast of the main continent under my control, and had my sights set inland. The Iroquois had begun fighting with the Shoshone who had helped me in conquering the Mongols, but for some reason the Shoshone decided to denounce me after I refused to give them any more charity (I had donated money and furs to them previously, with nothing in return). So I moved in and took down their last remaining cities. That will show them.


By now I had Giant Death Robots and the best military tech in the game. The Shoshone were no match.


During the course of my conquest, both the International Games and the International Space Station projects were started, and yours truly provided the most production for each, granting me a bunch of benefits that helped the war effort, and soon my empire was super happy with me despite my warmonger status. Adopting the Autocracy Ideology helped immensely.

After conquering the Shoshone, I pushed into Egyptian territory, and soon met the opposing red front of Austria, who had done most of the conquering for the western end of the continent. At this point there was only Austria, Egypt, The Iroquois and Japan left, and soon Egypt would fall as well.


While I finished beating up on Egypt, Austria would go on to conquer Japan, who only had a measly four cities left. They had also started a push into Iroquois territory, bordering me to the north at this point. Seeing Austria and my next big target, I let the Iroquois stick around for a little longer. I knew Austria would be the biggest target from here, so I pulled a multi-faceted strike. First, I built up a large navy and sent them around the southern tip of the main continent to attack all of their harbor cities. I sent my air and ground forces inland and attacked from the east and norther sides, culminating in my having them surrounded. From there it was easy pickings to knock out the Iroquois.

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From there, the game was won. Here’s the final stats:

2015-10-28_00005 2015-10-28_00006

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