By The Numbers: Week 8, 2015


151030-infographic-den-920So I forgot to do this post earlier in the week, which means the Thursday night game is over and I didn’t make a pick for it, though I’d be an idiot if I didn’t pick the Patriots over the laughable mess of a Dolphins team of 2015. The Patriots destroyed them, and that’s how I would have picked it. Moving on, this week sees the return of some of the teams who were on a bye last week, most notably my Packers and the Broncos. Both are coming into this game 6=0, which means without a doubt that one more undefeated team will fall this Sunday. If the Packers are to win, and the Panthers do as well (which seems likely) then we’ll have a clash of two 7-0 teams next week down in Carolina. That is yet to be seen though, but I’m not afraid of either of these teams, knowing that the Packers have done well against them both in the past, and knowing that they’ve downed some of the best in the league from recent seasons, just in the first stretch of games before the bye this year.

Denver isn’t a slouch team though, as their defense is rated higher than us in some categories, though we took the edge in scoring defense and are tied in turnover differential. Their offense seems to be in worse shape than ours though, despite some down games this season from Aaron Rodgers and Eddie Lacy. Lacy seems to have benefited from the bye and says he’s nearly 100% again, so perhaps we’ll get the run game established and the passing game will benefit from that. Davante Adams returning bodes well for the pass as well. If the right players come back healthy, we can make a mid-season surge that affects playoff implications. I like our chances. But we’ll see what happens. Anyway, on with the picks:

Lions 21, Chiefs 17
Falcons 31, Buccs 20
Chargers 27, Ravens 14
Vikings 24, Bears 20
Cards 34, Browns 17
Titans 20, Texans 10
Saints 30, Giants 24
Bengals 22, Steelers 16
Rams 24, 49ers 3
Raiders 20, Jets 13
Seachickens 21, Cowboys 7
Packers 24, Broncos 14
Panthers 23, Colts 20

Couch Podtatoes Episode 67: Actually Playing Games


This week marks the debut of a new periodical series we’ll be doing on Couch Podtatoes. We’re calling this series “Actually Playing Games” and we talk about what the series itself will be all about. *SPOILERS* It’s about us actually playing games. Seriously though, we have our usual conversation about what we’ve been playing, then we talk about this new segment, and finally decide on a game that we can play together, and use that game as a discussion point on a future show. We ended up picking a game that is more of a multiplayer deathmatch, so we will talk about the ins and outs of the title along with our recommendation to either pick it up or avoid it like the plague sometime in the future. Today’s show is sort of stream-of-consciousness in that we openly discussed what game we would play first, but then we talk at length about a game we’ve been playing a lot of recently: Warhammer Vermintide. That’s a good sample of what the next episode in this series will be like, and at the end of each of these shows, we’ll pick the next game that we’ll discuss further. We already have a list of sorts going, so it should be easier to determine next time!


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Couch Podtatoes Epsiode 67: Actually Playing Games (runtime: 56:22)

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