By The Numbers: Week 10, 2015


151113-infographic-det-webAnother disappointing week ending in loss. This time the Packers started with an early lead, sat dormant for 3 quarters, and then decided to almost make it a game in the final minutes. That missed TD to Cobb on 4th down hurts. A 2 point conversion would have taken the game to overtime, and the Panthers seemed winded by that point. It surely could have gone the other way. Should the season end with Green Bay and Carolina as the #1 and #2 seeds, I feel like the game ends differently, regardless of location, especially if we right the ship by then. An important stretch of four division games is coming up, where the only challenge I see being the road game at Minnesota. They’re 6-2 as well, so the Packers need to stay ahead of them to guarantee that 5th-in-a-row division title and a playoff berth. This week they’re playing the 1-7 Lions at home, who just booted their President and GM, so it’s likely they will be playing like a whole different team. I think the Packers have a good shot at righting the ship this weekend, and they need this win for morale. Lacy has been demoted to the #2 back, with Starks taking the #1 slot, but with their tandem chemistry it’s likely he still sees some playing time. I just hope that Starks can start producing more steadily, because the run game this year looks like a few years back when it wasn’t strong. Questions will be answered this weekend. On to the picks:

Bills 21, Jets 17
Ravens 27, Jags 20
Packers 31, Lions 20
Eagles 24, Dolphins 14
Steelers 27, Browns 10
Rams 33, Bears 24
Cowboys 20, Buccs 16
Panthers 30, Titans 21
Saints 23, Skins 10
Raiders 24, Vikings 20
Chiefs 23, Broncos 20
Giants 41, Patriots 37
Cardinals 28, Seachickens 24
Bengals 27, Texans 13