By The Numbers: Week 11, 2015


151119-infographic-min-920-useUgh. That’s all I can say after two weeks in a row where the Packers had the opportunity to come from behind and win the game despite playing like shit for three quarters. I won’t make excuses for injuries, because we always have injuries to key players, yet have won the NFC North four years in a row and been to the playoffs for six in a row. We’ll still make the playoffs, of that I am confident. Whether we manage to take the North again or end up as a wildcard is unclear. We’re facing the Vikings who are now in the division lead at 7-2 this weekend, and if we manage a victory there we’ll end up being tied at 7-3 each, so we’re still very much in control of our own destiny. Thankfully most of the NFC that are slated for playoff spots at this point in time are teams that don’t really worry me all that much. It could be our year, but we need to get hot while finishing out the season, and get the hell out of this slump. I don’t think we’ve lost 3 in a row since maybe Rodgers’ first year as a starter, so that’s going back to 2008. I have confidence and faith in the team, but this stretch of losing has been tough. Anyway, on with the picks:

Jags 21, Titans 17
Falcons 24, Colts 16
Rams 27, Ravens 20
Panthers 31, Skins 21
Bears 27, Broncos 24
Raiders 20, Lions 10
Jets 17, Texans 13
Dolphins 19, Cowboys 14
Eagles 28, Buccs 13
Chiefs 24, Chargers 10
Packers 24, Vikings 14
Seachickens 30, 49ers 13
Bengals 21, Cards 20
Patriots 37, Bills 16