GoT: The Ice Dragon

Episode 6 of the Game of Thrones epic from TellTale Games has finally come to a close and with it, the end of the Forrester’s story. Maybe. See, the ending tied up many of the story’s loose ends, but then also left some openings for a second season to be told. However, it seems that portions that would be able to be continued would have to wait for the books and/or TV show to catch up or finish, as the Forresters were squeezed in between recognizable characters from the Books/TV, yet not mentioned at least on the TV show (I can’t be sure with the novels as I have not read them [I know, shame on me or some such nonsense]).

I have to say that my enthusiasm for this particular story line had started to wane with the dramatic ending of the fifth episode. Much like the source material, characters you get attached to have a bad habit of dying off in terrible ways. There was also a marked sense of a rushed product, despite the usual pattern of episodic releases coinciding with another separate game being developed at the same time. However, I didn’t have that feeling with Tales From The Borderlands — it worked well enough and I didn’t really have much to complain about, despite playing both of these newest series on the PS3, the least powerful of options. I feel that part of the issues I had with performance — namely stuttering, and a complete lack of any sound effects/music (only the voice overs) for the last ten minutes of the final episode — can be blamed on the console and poor optimization for last-gen tech. But I still feel as if this last episode was rushed out the door, but perhaps it was only because I was playing on last-gen. Either way, it felt rather shitty to have played all of their titles on the PS3 with no issues, to have glaring ones this time. So yeah, story and performance were both downers, and honestly I feel like there isn’t much left to see in this genre from this developer.

I really enjoyed The Walking Dead, Wolf Among Us and Tales From The Borderlands, but Minecraft doesn’t appeal to me and I have no idea what their future plans are. I think if they hit on another IP I love I just might have to throw more money at them anyway, but I won’t be doing it unless it’s PS4/PC because the performance on last-gen tech is inexcusable.

Anyway, this last episode was fine and dandy, I completed it in the same amount of time as usual. What I really liked it the end game recap that showed all of your choices broken down through the entire series, and I can see where things might actually turn out quite a bit differently if I would have made other choices. I would have to test this theory to be sure, but it seems the choices in this game had far graver consequences than previous TellTale titles.


Normally I’d do a break down of how I came to these choices, but honestly, this is probably the last TellTale post I’ll be doing for quite some time, so I’m just going to leave you with my choices and a hesitant recommendation to play it. If you like GoT, you’ll probably enjoy this… however if you are sick of the vulgarity that is GoT, it might be best to just skip it. I would definitely recommend TFTB over this title. Secondly, if you do pick this or any of their other titles up, I’d recommend doing so on something newer, so perhaps the stuttering issues and problems I had might be avoided.


That’s all for today.