The Wasteland Has Me

If you follow my other blog you’ll note that from the moment I had my hands on Fallout 4, it’s been nothing but pictures from that game. I also haven’t had any guest submissions for a while, so my own screenshots were the only thing to keep the site going, and I’m not playing any MMOs, or many other games for that matter as of late. However, that site is just dedicated to pictures — landscapes specifically — so you don’t get to see some of the other cool screenshots I’ve stored up that tell little parts of the story on their own but still remain mostly spoiler-free. The game has been out for nearly a month now, and I know several bloggers have recounted their adventures in a spoiler-free fashion as well, but everyone tends to approach a game of this scope differently. Some people pushed through the main story and beat the game already. Others avoided quests like the plague and got caught up with base-building or exploring. People like me have done a little bit of everything, but still haven’t seen all this game has to offer and still intend on putting hours into it. As such, there’s some screens I’m going to share that might be spoiler-y but that’s doubtful. You’ve probably already seen much of it. The shots are in order of my taking them, so it sort of tells my own personal story, and how I’ve bounced around between all of the activities the game has to offer. I would give a more in-depth account of my experiences, but I think the pictures do a good job of conveying little tidbits in interesting ways.

So without further comment, here’s a bunch of screens for your viewing pleasure (click for full-screen gallery):