By The Numbers: Week 14, 2015


It was an ugly win last Thursday, but I’ll take it. The Packers looked bombed and depleted as two of their starting linemen missed the game and the center got hurt early on. With a few backups, Rodgers had basically no time in the pocket. Lacy has some disciplinary action for missing curfew and had few touches. Starks and the rookie Crockett made some plays but the run game just didn’t get going. Receivers weren’t open; balls were dropped when they were. It came down to a facemask penalty as time expired, giving the Packers one last play to heave it into the end zone. Rodgers scrambled and did just that, heaving the ball 61 yards into the hands of his tight end and namesake Richard Rodgers. It was a miracle win, and one the Packers sorely needed.


151211-infographic-dallasSitting at 8-4 and being tied with Minnesota for 1st place in the division, the Packers are back in control of their own destiny. Keep a game up on Minnesota and it’s all good. If it comes down to a tie in week 17, the results of that game will be for all the marbles. I have Green Bay going 3-1 down the stretch, and the Vikings 2-2, so it’s looking good for the Packers. However, Seattle trouncing the Vikings last weekend means they are threatening to get a wildcard slot, and that could be bad for whoever faces them in the playoffs. We still have a few weeks to see what happens, but I hope another team edges them out of contention. Here’s the picks for the week.

Cardinals 32, Vikings 20
Seahawks 24, Ravens 13
Falcons 30, Panthers 27
Redskins 27, Bears 21
Steelers 28, Bengals 24
49ers 21, Browns 3
Colts 27, Jags 14
Chiefs 36, Chargers 20
Jets 20, Titans 7
Bills 26, Eagles 17
Lions 27, Rams 13
Saints 17, Buccs 12
Broncos 38, Raiders 14
Packers 27, Cowboys 20
Patriots 30, Texans 20
Giants 22, Dolphins 9