By The Numbers: Week 15, 2015


151218-infographic-oak-920A very powerful statement was made by the Packers last Sunday. Despite the fact that Tony Romo has been injured again and Matt Cassel did absolutely nothing to impress anyone, the Cowboys’ defense is highly ranked. They showed up during the first half of the game, limiting scoring opportunities and the Cowboys’ offense made some great runs that ended in a touchdown. They would have had a second touchdown had Sam Shields not made a pick in the end zone earlier in the game. However, the second half belonged to the Packers, and the run game got going in a great way. Receivers mostly caught the ball too, and the Defense played lights out — only allowing 7 points all game, which came on the drive that had the big run plays from the Boys. Overall I didn’t expect to blow the team out like that, but I expected a victory and the Packers delivered. They are now in sole possession of first place in the NFC North, and it’s likely they will hold onto that lead for the rest of the season. A road trip to Oakland is coming up this weekend, and though I see a much improved Raiders squad compared to recent years, I don’t think they will pose too much of a challenge. They’re still rebuilding around Carr (whom is a good QB from what I can tell) and I think it’s going to take a season or two for them to be really relevant. So anyway, let’s get on with the picks:

Buccs 21, Rams 14
Jets 24, Cowboys 10
Chiefs 21, Ravens 13
Texans 24, Colts 14
Falcons 21, Jags 20
Vikings 28, Bears 20
Patriots 31, Titans 16
Giants 28, Panthers 24
Bills 21, Skins 17
Packers 36, Raiders 20
Seachickens 28, Browns 6
Steelers 23, Broncos 16
Dolphins 21, Chargers 17
Bengals 20, 49ers 10
Cards 32, Eagles 20
Lions 21, Saints 13