By The Numbers: Week 16, 2015


151224-infographic-920-1I didn’t watch last week’s game as I was out of the house nearly all of Sunday. I still kept up with the scores and stats through the tail end of the game on my phone, so I do know that the Packers won, but it wasn’t as easy of a victory as you’d normally think. The Raiders hung in there, but I knew that they weren’t as bad of a team as their record would have you believe. They have a solid foundation in Carr at QB, and building around him shouldn’t bee too bad. He’s already got an outstanding receiver in Amari Cooper and a fierce pass rush from Khalil Mack. Either way, the Packers managed to rack up another win, and are now 10-4 and still in sole possession of 1st place in the North. Even if they were to lose to the Cardinals and the Vikings won their opponent, the division title would still come down to their matchup next week. So I’m not so worried about this being a “must win” game, but I’d still prefer to win out, hitting 12-4 and being primed to go into the playoffs. At this point it’s looking like the Packers will host the Vikings and then have to play Arizona in the Divisional round. I’m cool with that, because I think we’d have a clear shot at the NFC Championship game with that schedule. Only problem is that the Seahawks will likely beat the Redskins and could even beat the Panthers, but I don’t want to face either team in the last game of the NFC playoffs. Then again, we properly beat the Seachickens last year save for those last few minutes when they had a miracle comeback last year, so perhaps we can get revenge yet again. We’ll just focus on this week for now. Here’s the picks:

Raiders 27, Chargers 21
Redskins 28, Eagles 17
Panthers 30, Falcons 20
Steelers 31, Ravens 14
Bills 20, Cowboys 13
Lions 27, 49ers 3
Chiefs 24, Browns 7
Colts 21, Dolphins 10
Patriots 27, Jets 24
Bears 21, Buccs 16
Texans 20, Titans 9
Saints 17, Jags 13
Packers 30, Cardinals 27
Seachickens 21, Rams 17
Giants 24, Vikings 20
Broncos 28, Bengals 24