By The Numbers: Week 17, 2015


Ugly… I mean UGLY loss to Arizona last weekend, but it’s okay, the Packers were already into the playoffs by that point. This week’s matchup against Minnesota is for the division title, which will only determine seeding for both teams, as they’ve both clinched their playoff berths. In fact, the NFC playoffs are already locked up, as no other team can get in. So it’s going to be Carolina, Arizona, Green Bay, Seattle, Washington and Minnesota playing sudden death games, but the seeds can go a number of different ways depending on what happens. I’m mostly concerned with Green Bay of course, so it’s either win this week and be the #3 (meaning a home game the following week) or lose and drop to #5 (meaning a road trip to Washington). Depending on what happens with Seattle, they’ll either be coming to Lambeau (if GB is #3) or the Vikings will be coming back to town (if the Seahawks lose). We beat Minnesota and Seattle both this season, so I’m not too worried about either though Seattle is much hotter than they were back in week 2. Minnesota looks better now too, but we beat them a few weeks ago and I think we will win this week. I’d rather have the home playoff game, but Seattle and San Fran proved that it’s not a huge advantage over the last few years. Either way, a 5th division title and a 7th playoff appearance in a row is coming up. Here’s the rest of my picks:

Saints 24, Falcons 20
Jets 20, Bills 17
Lions 27, Bears 24
Bengals 28, Ravens 17
Steelers 32, Browns 7
Redskins 23, Cowboys 16
Texans 20, Jags 14
Colts 19, Titans 10
Patriots 31, Dolphins 13
Giants 27, Eagles 20
Cards 30, Seachickens 20
Panthers 31, Buccs 17
Broncos 24, Chargers 14
Chiefs 28, Raiders 20
Rams 21, 49ers 3
Packers 30, Vikings 20