By The Numbers: Championship Edition 2016


A heartbreaking loss for the second year in a row, in overtime befell my beloved Packers last weekend. In all honesty, we were the better team, we showed that throughout the game, but the Cardinals did get a legitimate win once the game went to overtime. However, the game shouldn’t have went to over time anyway. There were several 4th downs where they were given favorable spots and ended up getting a first down when they shouldn’t have. There were several pass interference calls that were blatantly ignored, and there were two penalties that were also ignored that would have prevented their final touchdown, which would have meant the final seconds hail-mary heroics wouldn’t have been necessary. It was still good to see that we weren’t out even when everyone had counted us out, but it was frustrating to see a couple of plays and a touchdown go their way in OT. Had the coin just flipped right in the first place (it had to be flipped twice because the first time it didn’t flip at all), perhaps we would have gotten the ball first and won the game. Either way, it’s over now, the Packers are out and honestly they need the time to rebuild in the off-season. Next year we’ll have Jordy Nelson and Ty Montgomery back; the former is our #1 receiver and the latter was an up and coming rookie who’s first campaign was cut short. Add in the fact that Abbrederis and Janis both stepped up in the playoffs, and perhaps we’ll have the receiving core we’re used to see from the Packers’ typically potent offense. At this point I don’t really give a shit who wins or loses from now on, because I dislike Cam Newton and his classlessness, and I don’t think the Cardinals deserve to be there either. On the AFC side of things I don’t like the Broncos or the Patriots, nor do I want to see the Patriots get to 5 rings before the Packers do.


Given my biases, I still think that the Patriots win, and I still think the Panthers do as well. The former is just too used to winning in the playoffs because of a week ass AFC. The latter has proven that they are nearly impossible to beat. Given this information, I call a Panthers/Patriots Super Bowl, and it’s likely that the Patriots get another ring. I’m going to sign off on this column for the year because honestly I don’t have anything else to say and I don’t really care about the outcomes. I’ll be back when the 2016 season kicks off. Until then.

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  1. The NFL’s major downfall is that the game is now too complex and fast to officiate properly. There is a holding and/or pass interference every single down. Every one. It just depends on how bad it is and/or if refs call it.

    The league can’t even produce enough good Qbs to have one per team.

    It’s becoming not even fun to watch anymore.


    • I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s not fun to watch anymore… my team alone produced some very memorable moments over the season, along with having some horrible losses. But I didn’t blame the refs for all of those losses. Sometimes we were simply outclassed or had a bad game. In the case of last Saturday’s match vs. Arizona, old-as-fuck Al Michaels was pointing out these horrible calls (or non-calls), not just me. It’s frustrating because it’s what cost us the game, as it should have never gone to overtime. But it is what it is. Anything is better than those shitty replacement refs during the Fail Mary game.


      • You are right, its not that it’s not fun, but definitely less fun. You want teams to be able to compete and win or lose without refs being an actual part of the game. There is too much room for opinion. Many pro sports suffer the same way.

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