Fantasy LCS Review: Season 6, Week 2


standings2My hopes for dominance and sole possession of first place were thwarted mostly by Immortals (though some other issues that have plagued the Spring Split thus far were also to blame). Their play has been phenomenal, and though I thought NRG might be the team to finally beat them, it was not to be. Ironically, Derpy who came in dead last in our fantasy league during last summer has managed to follow the same sort of strategy he had before, but it’s working in his favor this time around. His nearly complete Immortals lineup (I have Pobelter and I’m not giving him up!) has been racking up the points and due to point totals, I’ve dropped into third place. But the season is still young, and there are plenty of games to go before anything is decided. Let’s take a look at last week’s matchup before some further analysis.


First of all, thanks to Echo Fox having visa issues, they were automatically disqualified for Saturday’s game. I was banking on big points from Impact and the NRG team in that matchup, but instead got one game’s worth of points, and yes, that’s when they played Immortals and had a less than stellar performance. That said, Rush didn’t perform well in one of his games, neither did Piglet, Aphromoo, or Apollo. The only standout was Pobelter, and as such I had to make some decisions on how to move forward. Given the matchups during next week, I decided to swap out my flex slot and my team, and I’m hoping for the best there. Thankfully most of my players have some favorable matchups going into week 3, so I think I should be able to get to 2-1 on the season.


Currently, this is the way the matchup looks, but I’m sure Tack will manage to pick a support by then. He was cursed more than any of us, having held onto most of Cloud 9 for the past two weeks, and losing points due to them swapping out supports, along with a lackluster performance as a team. It appears that he’s swapped out some players, but I think I’m still stacked up against him fairly well. I dropped Apollo because he did get me decent points but I don’t think he’s going to do super well for the remainder of the split. I picked up Ryu from H2K who seems to be a pretty good mid-laner and the team is doing fairly well for themselves so far this split. I had already been sitting on CLG in my reserve, so I swapped them in because for the past two weeks I’ve had shitty team points and am hoping that will turn around. It’s likely I’ll put NRG back in at some point, but right now I’m having to play to the matchups and hope for the best. I almost took out Piglet because Liquid have been playing like shit, but there aren’t too many good ADC’s left over, and he is a solid performer most of the time anyway. He got me nearly 60 points in their two week one losses, so even if the team isn’t doing so hot he usually delivers. I have less stiff competition in week three so we’ll see how it goes.

topplayers2 topplayersspring

It’s strange to see two members of Team Impulse in the top players this week, which goes to show how low the point totals were across the board. Pobelter still got me on the top 5 though, and I own two of the five top players of the split so far. I don’t think either of those players are dropping off anytime soon either. Provided they continue to perform and I pick up some decent points elsewhere, I just might fight my way back to relevance, although it’s going to require Immortals dropping a game or two here and there, so someone beats Derpy. If Immortals run the table and don’t drop many games, he’s going to maintain sole possession of first place for the rest of the split, and that’s gonna suck. We won’t hear the end of it. I guess there’s the Summer Split to look forward to in that instance.