By The Numbers: Championship Edition 2016


A heartbreaking loss for the second year in a row, in overtime befell my beloved Packers last weekend. In all honesty, we were the better team, we showed that throughout the game, but the Cardinals did get a legitimate win once the game went to overtime. However, the game shouldn’t have went to over time anyway. There were several 4th downs where they were given favorable spots and ended up getting a first down when they shouldn’t have. There were several pass interference calls that were blatantly ignored, and there were two penalties that were also ignored that would have prevented their final touchdown, which would have meant the final seconds hail-mary heroics wouldn’t have been necessary. It was still good to see that we weren’t out even when everyone had counted us out, but it was frustrating to see a couple of plays and a touchdown go their way in OT. Had the coin just flipped right in the first place (it had to be flipped twice because the first time it didn’t flip at all), perhaps we would have gotten the ball first and won the game. Either way, it’s over now, the Packers are out and honestly they need the time to rebuild in the off-season. Next year we’ll have Jordy Nelson and Ty Montgomery back; the former is our #1 receiver and the latter was an up and coming rookie who’s first campaign was cut short. Add in the fact that Abbrederis and Janis both stepped up in the playoffs, and perhaps we’ll have the receiving core we’re used to see from the Packers’ typically potent offense. At this point I don’t really give a shit who wins or loses from now on, because I dislike Cam Newton and his classlessness, and I don’t think the Cardinals deserve to be there either. On the AFC side of things I don’t like the Broncos or the Patriots, nor do I want to see the Patriots get to 5 rings before the Packers do.


Given my biases, I still think that the Patriots win, and I still think the Panthers do as well. The former is just too used to winning in the playoffs because of a week ass AFC. The latter has proven that they are nearly impossible to beat. Given this information, I call a Panthers/Patriots Super Bowl, and it’s likely that the Patriots get another ring. I’m going to sign off on this column for the year because honestly I don’t have anything else to say and I don’t really care about the outcomes. I’ll be back when the 2016 season kicks off. Until then.

Revised Season 6 Runes/Masteries

When the preseason first started for season 6 of League of Legends, there were sweeping changes to the masteries system. Essentially all of the masteries were changed, and though it was easy enough to theorycraft what setups would be best for each role, it turns out that the vast majority of people just said “fuck thinking, let’s all use Thunderlord’s Decree!” I saw it as a viable choice in some situations, but it was clearly not being used as intended. Yes, it can be used on any champion in any role, but it’s sort of a bitch move when it comes down to it. Just because one thing is OP doesn’t mean you should just use it by default. But that’s my train of thought, perhaps you would prefer the above quoted like of thinking. Either way, I have noted that some of the builds that I was using weren’t that viable or were less-than-optimal, so I have made changes while practicing during the preseason.

I also decided that rather than making rune/mastery pages for roles that I don’t necessarily play (like hybrid champions), I would limit my pages to those that made the most sense: One per lane. This way if I decide to “fill” I will still have a viable set of pages for the role I get stuck playing, even if it isn’t one of my best roles. So the pages I have now reflect those lanes, and I have one flex page that will work for multiple roles. Instead of taking a bunch of screenshots and writing a wall of text, I decided to record a video of my pages and provide further commentary there. So here’s that video, for your viewing pleasure:

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Fantasy LCS Review: Season 6, Week 1


I started playing Fantasy LCS during season 5’s summer split with members from my guild Obsidian. It was good fun, as I already watch the LCS regularly, and it gave added incentive to root for teams/players I might not normally root for. I ended up coming in second place in my league, only because of a three way tie for first and because one of my players got suspended during the last week and I didn’t notice until it was too late. I had slightly less points overall so the tiebreaker went to another player. This year we decided to play again, and got started during the spring split, which began last week (Thursday/Friday EU, Saturday/Sunday NA). Previously I was calling this column “Fantasy LCS Thursdays” because that just happened to be the day I started it up, and posted on each thursday. I decided to rename it to the “Fantasy LCS Review” because I don’t want to have to stick to that Thursday schedule. The Ongoing Series page has been updated to reflect this change, though I’m not going to go back and rename the old posts from last year.

So we saw some wild things over the course of the weekend. The NALCS looks absolutely stacked with talent this year, having a bunch of imports from various regions joining new and existing teams. Surprisingly, TSM looked rather unorganized despite having an all-star team. Cloud 9 was shaky in their first game, but gelled very well in the second. Immortals and NRG both look to be hot teams, and are the only two that finished the weekend 2-0, not to mention that Immortals set a new record for the fastest LCS win with their sub-18 minute victory over TiP. As I mentioned in a recent post, I was rooting heavily for TiP last split, but with their decimated roster I don’t feel like I can do it this year. I’m staying team-less for now, but rooting for Immortals and NRG both to go the distance during this split.

standingsWe drafted our fantasy teams a few days before the split started. We ended up with another four-team league: ELO Hell (my team), Dankest of Memez (run by Derpydoges which was Nertle last split), Judentus (same as last split) and Black Speech (run by Tacktix, who also runs Tough Love Critic that I’ve mentioned here a time or two before). Judentus is the team I lost to last split, but managed to get some revenge this week. It came down to the wire, but I managed to win, by exactly .01 points. That’s a single CS. I was laughing my ass off. Despite getting the win, I had about 40 less points overall than Derpy, so I’m currently in 2nd place in the league. However, I play him next week, so all I need is a win to take sole possession of first. I managed to stay in first place most of the summer split last year, so there’s a good chance I manage to stay there if I get a win this week. It appears that I’m the only one really micro managing my team, and I’m hoping that means results. Anyway, here’s the matchups from week 1:


European teams this year are not very impressive. I drafted everyone here outside of Froggen and KFO, and despite Origen looking like the most stacked EULCS team they flopped horribly for me. I swapped out one of my players for Froggen because he is a very good player, but he didn’t put up very good numbers this week. Neither did Rush, but only because Cloud 9 was trounced in their first game. He will definitely perform, he was the NALCS MVP last year after all. I drafted Impact from NRG as my top laner but the projections were updated and he was only going to play one game over the weekend. KFO was definitely an unknown but he’s from the Korean solo queue, so I assumed he might get me some decent points. It turns out that Impact actually made more points in just one game so I should have left him in. I have since made some quality of life changes to my line up for next week:


Impact is back in. I trashed that crappy Origen team and decided to stick with all NA players. I also swapped in NRG for my team slot, and picked up Apollo who did well for me last year when it came to fantasy points. He actually had a good 1st week, even after Dignitas went 1-1. Even if they aren’t a dominant squad, I foresee good points coming out of him. If not, I can always fall back on Froggen, or perhaps pick up someone else that has been overlooked. One advantage of having a four man league is that there are plenty of free agents floating around. That’s really I have right now, but let’s take a look at the top players of the split so far:


Coming in at number one is Shiphtur, and that’s rather surprising considering the performance of his team compared to the performance of others. Also surprising to see a member of Renegades coming in at number three. Either way, I managed to own the #2, while Derpy owns the bottom 2, both of which will likely see more time on the top list. We’ll see how it changes next week.

Couch Podtatoes Episode 75: Talking Points Six


This week I go it alone, because Eri was preoccupied and I know that I had a bunch of different things going on over the weekend. I already had these show notes plotted out prior to recording, so I knew it was something I could handle solo. I believe the last time we had a “talking points” show I did it by myself as well. Either way, there were several stories in the news recently that I wanted to talk about, along with some personal observations over social media and the blogosphere that I wanted to mention. Note that I wasn’t trying to single anyone out with my observations, there were more generalized things that I felt the need to mention. It’s also shorter than our shows have been for a while, so that should be good for your attention span. That’s really all there is to it! Enjoy the show!


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Diablo III Patch 2.4

Diablo III had another big patch go live this week, and just like in patch 2.3, there was a whole new zone added to Adventure Mode. This does mean that you need to own Reaper of Souls to access the new content, but if you haven’t picked up that expansion by now, you’re probably not much of a fan. The brand new zone added is called Greyhollow Island, and it is an offshoot of the Act V portion of the map. A gloomy, rainy, wooded island, there are plenty of new creatures to fight, lore bits, and places to explore. Outside of the new zone, there was also two previously existing zones that were expanded, both the Ruins of Sescheron and Leoric’s Manor. The former was expanded with the zone called Eternal Woods, and the latter had a section called the Royal Quarters added to it. They are smaller areas, but combined with the new zone add quite a bit of variety to your bounties and other adventures.


There’s much more to the patch than just new zones. Set Dungeons have been added, and require you to don a full set of class armor to enter them. The seasonal journey that was introduced in season 4 is also being tweaked for season 5 (that starts tomorrow), where completing it provides a whole set, so if you are having trouble finding a set of armor for your class, you have a guaranteed way to pick one up now. That will allow you to check out the set dungeon as well. Finally, there are empowered rifts, which is building upon the ever-changing rift system that has been around since RoS launched. I have no experience with the latter, so I’m not sure how good or bad that ends up being. All I know is that I feel re-motivated to try and complete the season journey this time around, and actually get far enough into the end game to see beyond Torment I and jump into greater rifts and all that good stuff. Who knows if that feeling will be maintained for very long, but I’m aiming towards getting balls deep in Diablo III again.

Last night I decided that it would be a good idea to play through the new areas on one of my existing max-level characters. I also decided to record all three of the new areas while I played through them, so at this point I’d like to share those videos:

Part one is a full clear of Greyhollow Island. It’s a fairly large overland zone with a lengthy dungeon so this is the longest of the three videos.

Part two is a full clear of the expanded zone of of the Ruins of Sescheron: The Eternal Woods. This zone is a bit smaller and also comes packed with a dungeon but it is only one level and was a much quicker clear.

Part three is the shortest run of them all. The Royal Quarters is a section added onto the Leoric’s Manor zone. It is filled to the brim with undead but is a relatively short clear. It is also the area you have to access to be able to enter the set dungeons, as you’ll see me discover in the video.

That’s all I have for now. Happy Gaming!