Fantasy LCS Review: Season 6, Week 5


week5standingsIt’s that time of week again to break down the past weekend’s LCS action. This time I managed to completely lose the gambles I took in setting my roster up. I dropped Rush because he wasn’t performing at the expected level, and then C9 have a dominant weekend. Of course, Dardoch put up huge points the week before, and this weekend he didn’t, so that swap was immediately reverted. I also put in GBM as a flex, and now NRG look like a middle ground team, and are failing to live up to my expectations. So of course, he put up mediocre numbers. Despite Aprhromoo being a great support, he doesn’t bring in the numbers either. Overall it was just a down day for all of my players so I was thoroughly beaten and I have done a pretty big overhaul of my roster this week just trying to stay competitive. I’ve now dropped to 2-3 and in 3rd place overall, but Judentus is only a game ahead so I have time to re-take 2nd place, but it looks like Derpy is going to win the league overall because just like his IMT players, he can’t lose a game. So at this point I’m basically only fighting for 2nd place, as even Tacktix won’t be able to do much about his positioning on the leader board at this point. Kind of sucks to have the wind taken out of your sails so early into the season, but there’s always the summer split, where we most certainly won’t be letting Derpy get all of the IMT members again. My theft of pobelter and someone else owning the team is the only thing keeping him from godlike fantasy points.

Let’s take a look at the matchup anyway, to see where I went wrong:


When you see the names on my side of the board when compared to those on the other, I see a pattern. He has a good mix of NA and EU players, I have all NA. I have some of the biggest names (aside from Dardoch) though, and he has a couple questionable players. Seemed like an easy win. But then you get teams like NRG who have really dropped the ball, TL who still can’t stay consistent, and CLG that doesn’t score many points whether they win or lose. On the other hand, he’s got a mix of the same, it’s just that my players dropped the ball a bit more. Needless to say, some sweeping changes were in order.


I now have three slots taken up by the EULCS. It hurt me to do it, but I dropped Impact. He just isn’t getting me the points necessary to stay competitive. He’s a great top laner but their team needs work. Perhaps he’ll be better in the summer. I picked up Odoamne, whom I’m not too familiar with but has decent projections and week-to-week scorelines. H2K is performing well too, so that should keep him more consistent. I brought Rush back because there aren’t really any other good junglers available. I’m sticking with Piglet because he’s consistent and has flashes of brilliance. Support wise I don’t see anyone projecting higher than Aphromoo that isn’t already spoken for. Because of the top players sections on the Fantasy LCS website, I decided to pick up Steeelback, who has managed to crack the top 5 overall in the spring, so he should be a better flex pick than what I’ve had if he keeps it up. Lastly, I picked up G2 esports because they have been doing really well this split over in Europe so I hope they’ll give me more points from the team slot. So yeah, here’s to being hopeful I can right the ship.

week5top springtop

No one on my team did shit last week, so no appearances on the top 5. I still have Pobelter and Piglet up there for the Spring, and as I mentioned, Steeelback is playing for me too, and his numbers are right there with piglet. Hoping for better things out of next weekend!